Double Trouble For Twitter: Besides Meta’s Threads, Bluesky Social Emerges As Unstoppable Contender

If the unprecedented sign-up rate of Meta's Thread wasn't enough to challenge the dominance of Twitter in micro-blogging space, it's Jack Dorsey's Bluesky Social which is turning heads with its rapid growth and increasing popularity within a short span of time.

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Microblogging platforms are engaging in an intense battle for dominance, particularly after Elon Musk‘s takeover of Twitter. The competition has sparked a flurry of activity, with existing and new platforms making headlines for achieving impressive download milestones. One such platform, Bluesky Social, born from Twitter itself, is emerging as a promising alternative to its parent company.

In an astounding feat, Bluesky Social surpassed one million lifetime installations within a mere four months since its launch, according to Intelligence’s estimates. Adding to its accomplishments, the app experienced a remarkable surge of 300,000 downloads since June 30 alone.

The rapid growth and increasing popularity of Bluesky Social in such a short span of time are truly remarkable. What makes Bluesky’s ascent even more intriguing is the fact that it remains an exclusive invite-only app, limiting its availability. As the platform prepares to open its doors to the wider public later this year, the true extent of interest in this intriguing social networking protocol remains to be seen.

With the current number of installations, one can only imagine the untapped interest in this intriguing platform. The anticipation is palpable as the curtain prepares to rise, revealing the full splendour of Bluesky to the public, which is expected to happen later this year.

As the global social media landscape unfolds, it becomes clear that Bluesky, founded by Jack Dorsey, has struck a chord with users, particularly in the United States. The country accounts for approximately 40% of all Bluesky Soical installs that have occurred so far. Following closely behind are enthusiastic adopters in Brazil (9.5%), Japan (8.5%), Thailand (7.5%), and the United Kingdom (4.6%). These countries exemplify the appetite for cutting-edge social channels and their eagerness to embark on an exhilarating journey with Bluesky.

Bluesky Social’s rise to prominence promises a paradigm shift in social networking, offering an exciting escape from the familiar confines of mainstream platforms.

With its soaring popularity, it’s only a matter of time before Bluesky takes flight, captivating audiences worldwide with its unique allure and reshaping the future of online connections.

Is BlueSky A Threat To Twitter?

The Twitter frenzy continues as the platform keeps grabbing attention with frequent and significant changes, not to mention the daily dose of controversial tweets from its owner, Elon Musk. Amidst this dynamic landscape, Twitter is experiencing a surge, with a mind-boggling 72 million first-time downloads of its mobile app across various markets. This figure is expected to increase in the coming months.

This impressive figure equates to an average of approximately 518,000 downloads per day, leaving Bluesky’s still-impressive 8,300 installations in the dust. As of July 2023, the total lifetime downloads of the Twitter app have soared to a staggering 1.7 billion.

However, it would be unfair to directly compare Twitter’s download numbers with those of Bluesky Social, given the significant difference in their time on the market. Twitter, a well-established microblogging platform, has been around for many years, while Bluesky Social is still in its infancy, launched just five months ago.

The platform’s constant evolution and Elon Musk’s attention-grabbing tweets have undoubtedly contributed to Twitter’s continued popularity and the tremendous number of new downloads. With each passing month, Twitter seems to be undergoing significant changes, keeping users and the media on their toes.

Another contender in the microblogging arena is the Threads from Instagram. Interestingly, this text-based app by Meta wasted no time in leaving an indelible mark on the industry, crossing 48 million lifetime downloads within a mere five days of its launch.

However, the true testament to Threads’ meteoric rise lies in its unprecedented sign-up rate. Within the blink of an eye, Threads garnered an astounding 10 million eager users, shattering all expectations in a remarkable seven-hour timeframe. The impact of this accomplishment was felt worldwide, propelling Threads to seize the coveted number-one spot in downloads across an extraordinary 137 out of 144 available markets.

Mark Zuckerberg, the mastermind behind Meta, proudly shared this astounding accomplishment with the world.

With the unprecedented surge in downloads for the Threads apps, the entire world is captivated by one burning question: Can Threads surpass Twitter in terms of downloads and monthly active users?

Now it will be interesting to see that in the battle of microblogging platforms, will Twitter be able to maintain its dominance against competitors like Bluesky Social and Threads, or will we witness a shift in the social media landscape? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the future of microblogging is bound to be captivating and full of surprises.


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