The hiring puzzle at Wipro has jeopardised the career of candidates awaiting for months to join

The job offer from Wipro has turned into a jigsaw puzzle for candidates awaiting months to join and now asked to join at half of the salary or continue to wait, eventually jeopardising their career.

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Wipro, one of India’s largest IT services companies, is experiencing uncertainty in the demand environment, facing margin pressures and recessionary concerns. All of it has led the company to delay the onboarding for its 2022 graduate batch, prompting it to reach out to candidates who were previously offered a salary of Rs 6.5 lakh per annum (LPA) and inquire if they would be willing to accept the offer of Rs 3.5 LPA – half the salary offered previously. And this caused discomfort among most of the hired freshers waiting to join as they claimed to have their careers jeopardised by the company.

Wipro provides two graduate hiring programs: Elite and Turbo. Elite candidates are offered Rs 3.5 LPA, whereas Turbo candidates are offered Rs 6.5 LPA. This time, however, hired freshers from both categories have been kept on hold for months. The situation turned into extreme frustration and disappointment when the company abruptly decided to onboard Turbo candidates without giving any clarity to candidates belonging to the Elite category. The offer, however, came with a rather shocking condition.

Turbo ones were offered to join in March 2023 only if they accepted to join at half of the salary offered. On the one hand, Turbo candidates were wondering what went wrong; on the other hand, Elite candidates were questioning why they were still being forced to wait while the company was gearing up for onboarding the Turbo candidates.

The decision to offer Turbo candidates the same roles that Elite candidates are entitled to have received a negative response. Candidates, however, expressed a mix of resentment and solidarity, not only because Turbo candidates were given preferential treatment, but also because they were offered a considerably lower salary.

Wipro employed individuals for the Elite program in two phases: from December 2021 to January 2022 and from April to May 2022. Elite Phase 1 candidates, who received offers while still in college with a semester remaining, are now questioning why they have been compelled to wait since graduation while Turbo candidates were given the option to join. Wipro reportedly onboarded 1,500 candidates in the final week of December.

Wipro’s email to candidates with postponed onboarding offers

It all started with an email Wipro sent to all candidates who were offered a salary of Rs 6.5 LPA, albeit awaiting their joining date since August last year. The email was sent on February 16th, asking them to confirm if they accept the lower-paying position by February 20th. However, candidates have claimed that the company has postponed the joining dates multiple times since then.

In the email addressed to candidates, Wipro stated that they continually evaluate global economies and customer needs that influence their hiring plans. The company appreciated the candidates’ patience and commitment in waiting for joining opportunities. Wipro disclosed that they have Project Engineer positions available for recruitment, offering a yearly salary of INR 3.5 lakhs to all Velocity graduates in the FY23 batch.

The email emphasized that accepting this offer would void all previous offers and benefits and encouraged candidates to take advantage of this time-limited opportunity. In case a candidate declines the offer, their original offer will still be valid. However, Wipro cannot assure them of a joining date, as their hiring plans depend on the current economic environment and changing customer needs.

The Emotional Toll of Job Offer Delays on Candidates

A candidate who received a letter of intent and an offer letter from a company in November 2021 and January 2022, respectively, has been waiting for over a year to start his job. He completed an unpaid internship with the company and claims there has been a gap in his career due to the delay in onboarding. Despite being offered a package of Rs 3.5 LPA for an Elite role, he and other Elite candidates are still waiting to be onboarded, while Turbo candidates with a higher salary of Rs 6.5 LPA are being asked to convert to Elite roles. The candidate has been rejected by other companies due to the gap in his resume caused by the delay in onboarding. He is frustrated and unable to explain the situation to his family members who are urging him to take up a temporary job. 

Another female candidate who received her offer letter in January 2022 is also awaiting answers regarding her onboarding date.

Many other candidates have also expressed concerns over the gap between their graduation and the start of their job, and some have even opted to accept a lower salary just to start their career in IT. The candidates feel cheated by the company’s false promises and lack of communication.

Wipro’s Final Verdict 

Wipro has announced that it had to adjust its onboarding plans due to the changing macro environment and business needs. The company is committed to honouring all outstanding offers made to candidates, and the current offer creates an immediate opportunity for them to start their careers and build their expertise. The company also highlighted its extensive learning and development programs that would allow the candidates to acquire new skills.

The Chief Human Resources Officer, Saurabh Govil, has confirmed that the company will continue onboarding candidates every quarter despite the less bullish demand environment. Wipro recently laid off 452 freshers who repeatedly performed poorly in assessments, deemed unethical by the Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate. In addition, it has been reported that the company is rolling out 87 % of variable pay for employees whose variable is linked to company performance for the third quarter of FY23.


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