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What Agencies Look For When Hiring Top Digital Marketers!

Joining an all-star digital marketing team on one’s favourite agency is every online marketer’s dream.A survey by The Manifest showed that 50% of businesses use a marketing agency for help with their internet marketing efforts.Digital marketers are crucial to the success of an agency. They run successful campaigns on behalf of the agency thus increasing profits. Not only that....

IT Hiring Trajectory Goes North For Almost 6 Months In The Indian Employment Spectrum! [SURVEY]

India IT Hiring
Looks like the Indian job growth trajectory is moving north! The outlook for employment for the period October 2018 – March 2019 is thriving. Opportunities are blooming with hiring, new job roles and upskilling of existing employees; all thanks to booming IT Industry and Startup ecosystem in Idia.IT hiring in India will witness growth starting this month right up...

The Indian Onboarding State of Affairs: A Goal Or A Challenge? [STUDY]

onboarding in india
India's changing business ecosystem and all the Onboarding fiasco - The When, Whys, and Hows, has been only clear as dishwater!Rapid changes have ushered in, with the advancement of technology. As a result, the contemporary market trends require companies to necessitate and plot their skill-demand prior to induction and work accordingly to take precedence in the economic spectrum.For a...

Flipkart, Amazon To Meet Head-On Again; This Time Over Campus Recruitment

flipkart amazon campus recruitment
With the eCommerce giants, Flipkart and Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), consistently trying to trump up against each other, this battle is no longer confined. While the ultimate war for dominance over India's $17.8-billion online retail market sustains, these companies are hawk-eyeing the young talent pool, marking dates for Campus Recruitment.According to recent reports, both the companies are knocking themselves out in...

Online Hiring In India: Telecom Sector Witnessed A Sharp Decline In June 2018 [REPORT]

Online Hiring In India
The online hiring in India has undergone a vivid decline in the month of June, both on the monthly and yearly basis. A new report by the Monster Employment Index has left everyone surprised as the production and manufacturing sector were portraying strong recruitment activity. The Monster Employment Index registered a 3% YoY decline in online hiring in India in...

Are The Hiring Intentions of Indian Corporates Positive For Q3 2018? [STUDY]

india employment survey
The first quarter of the fiscal year 2018 did not show much sustainable job gains, after the record-breaking solid job rain of 2017 until now. However, employment growth is likely to remain solid for the remainder of 2018. According to ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, comprising of 5,110 employers, Indian hiring companies plan to propel recruitments, at a steady pace in...

Why Does Google Reject Thousands Of Resumes Automatically Every Week?

why google rejects resumes
Getting hired in Google, in all over sounds amazing given the alluring pay and being immensely adept in one to many skills, but it can be one hell of a daunting process. As told in the words of Laszlo Bock, former Senior Vice President of People Operation for Google, "good grades don't hurt", but for Google "GPAs and test...

Apple Is Hiring For Siri To Challenge Alexa And Google Assistant

Apple is hiring
First and foremost, the good news - Apple is hiring!We all know that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was the first to start the Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, race with Siri. However, in the last few years other tech giants, especially Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Google (Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL)), have taken a lead by penetrating the market with many other promising...

700 New Jobs At Flipkart: On Hiring Spree After 2 Years

amazon to acquire Flipkart
Employment and Employability are two of the major concerns for India. Layoffs and hiring freezes are likely to continue in Indian IT industry, but there is still hope. The speeding success of startup biggies like Flipkart - which offer better skill development and growth opportunities - has led them to be more cautious with hiring.For Flipkart, recruitment has picked...

69% Recruiters Predict A Higher Level Of Competition In The Job Market In 2015 [STUDY]

ywhyemployees leave
Social networking sites were, initially, introduced for people to connect with friends and families. But nowadays, apart from serving as the biggest platform for e-commerce to flourish, they are also turning out as one of the biggest platforms for job seekers and recruiters, both. Over the last two years, social networking sites like LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE:LNKD), Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter...

How Social Technologies can Improve Recruiting Process

Today, the employees are not just considered as ‘Worker Bee’. Organizations of all domains and dimensions consider their human resources as critical assets that can deliver value by their ability to think creatively and also by working as a team. Employees are no longer simple task doers, they are active participants who have a say in the strategic framework...

YouTube Recruiting: How Does It Benefit Your Brand, Website, Business And Job Seekers [Infographic]

YouTube has become an integral part of Internet Family and, being the leading online video sharing site, it has made significant contribution in making videos much more accessible and available round the clock across the globe. Most of the sites are leveraging over YouTube videos to display video contents. And where ever there is a  brand or business online, there...

How Top Companies Are Attracting Employees And Improving Retention Rate? [Infographic]

Employees are taken as one of the main asset by all companies in all respect in every situation. Every company depends upon their employees for strengthening its efficiency and market values. Therefore, companies are making their best efforts to woo them and keep them motivated towards company's goal and work. And, in order to full fill employees' demands, the...

The Inside Analysis of Tech Talent War [INFOGRAPHIC]

The explosive growth of mobile and social media industry have created a pool of opportunities and people are flourishing with the uprising salary, expectations and superior working environment, offered by companies in order to retain their best talents. However, these days employees have been dynamics and demanding beyond their financial benefits and this triggered a talent war among the...

First Ever Twitter Jockey Selected by MTV

Finally it was a day when a new executive post came into existence for corporate world. In a live show, Follow me, MTV has crowned its first ever Twitter Jockey (TJ) last night. Finale, held last night, was culmination of the cable network’s several month long quest to find the social media voice and face of the company.

Facebook finally initiates hiring process in India

Social media site, Facebook.com, which has set up its first base in Asia at Hyderabad (India), has initiated its hiring process. To begin with, the social media giant has roped in Kirthiga Reddy as director of online operations and Manoj Varghese as director of user operations. Both will be based in Hyderabad.The site has more than 8 million active...

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