4 Key Characteristics of an Effective Workflow Management Software

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Workflow management denotes a system where your organization operates in clearly defined roles. Before the development of support software, previous workflow management strategies ran manually. Fortunately, modern industries have discovered how to streamline and improve operational capacity with the help of efficient workflow software. 

The principle behind effective workflow management is to improve service delivery by organizing and automating all your processes. An effective software should, in practice, provide you with a knowledge base of customer demographics. This data develops a system that helps you better understand customer needs and gain insight into client needs. 

So what exactly is workflow management, and how does it optimize your company’s overall performance. 

Why is Workflow Management Critical?

Workflow management is simply a process that allows you to map out your company operations, organize client concerns in order of priority, and establish a system that identifies where your company needs improvements. Contrary to popular belief, this management system isn’t just limited to customer interactions. It is a company-wide strategy that streamlines, monitors, and clearly defines how to optimize your operations. 

Finding the right workflow management system software can be a tough task if you don’t know what to look for. Fortunately, Nexcom Global has compiled a list of fundamental characteristics every workflow management software system should have.

Key Features

  1. Multi-channel Integration/ support 

The first feature is high-level integration capabilities. Although many systems do not offer reporting and monitoring capabilities, you should note that integration is a critical component. The reason for this is that you need software with access to multiple support channels and social integration. The social media boom has shifted integration from an added feature to a necessity as far as customer interactions are concerned. 

Nexcom’s eTray workflow management system is one of the few workflow management systems that give you top-class integration. This allows your company to quicken the resolution process, and it provides your customers 24-hour support. 

2. Secure Network-Role-Based Access

Modern companies are exposed to large volumes of sensitive customer data. The recent hacking of T-Mobile is an example of how leaked data can destroy consumer confidence. For this reason, you need software that ensures customer information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. 

eTray from Nexcom global provides the perfect safety platform, with role-based control restricting system access based on clearance level. 

This software allows you to control what each user sees and what changes they can make to the system. This segregated access ensures that no single user holds all the cards and that no one person can interfere with your entire system. 

3. Cloud Support

The only sure way to ensure that your customers and agents have full-time access to support is to integrate your operations into the cloud. If you want to build a relationship with your customers and give real-time solutions, then on-premise support is not the solution. Cloud support isn’t just about access, it is also tied into remote maintenance, better security, and compliance. 

eTray gives you more than just cloud support-you get a workflow management system software that consolidates all your data and securely stores it in the cloud. This system provides the value of constant access and efficiency in data handling. Here you get a system that is user-friendly and cost-efficient.

4. Automated Task Management/Notification Support

Manual workflow management is a tiring process. Getting your support agents to sift through hundreds of customer queries, answering emails, and still maintaining a smile is impossible. Fortunately, eTray workflow automation software provides a simple way to organize, prioritize and attach notifications to queries in order of importance. 

This feature allows your support agents to identify which customer issues to address and in which order. It also notifies users of the status of particular concerns and the point of resolution. It can integrate notifications into your phone to update you in real-time. 

Key Takeaway

The Fundamental aim of Nexcom global is to equip businesses with the tools they need to effectively improve brand perception, customer satisfaction, and engagement. With eTray, your company gets better workflow management and organization. 

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when support agents had to physically sit at a desk all day picking up calls and answering phone calls. Modern workflow management system software has revolutionized help desks, allowing agents to operate from anywhere and resolve customer issues from several platforms. With Nexcom’s eTray support software, your company now has a competitive edge. 


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