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Google Surrenders To Employees: To End Forced Arbitration Policy

Google forced arbitration policy
After facing employee protests for several months, Google Thursday said it will no longer force employees to settle disputes with the company through arbitration.The changed policy, which will come into effect March 21, will apply to current and future Google employees all over the world. Employees who have settled disputes in the past through forced arbitration will not, however,...

Project management is changing; here’s how businesses can stay on top

project management
Project management isn’t what it used to be. Every year, the project management landscape is changing and pivoting, and if businesses want to succeed in today’s business world, proper project management techniques are necessary.With major advancements in today’s technology, there are tighter deadlines, more pressure for innovation, and increasing reliance on creatives who have project management know-how. Long gone...

Google Employees’ Morale Under Pichai’s Leadership Hitting a Six-Year Low

google employees satisfaction morale study
When 78% of your workforce reaffirms its faith in your policies and endorses your viewpoint, it should be seen as a pat on the back. But, the case with world's one of the largest internet companies is different. Google Employees' satisfaction and morale are on a constant decline.  Statistics and numbers, however, have often been accused of being instrumental in...

The Tweet That Has Cost Elon Musk $20 Million And His Chair Position At Tesla

Elon Musk Tweet
Looks like one careless tweet has costed Musk dearly! Pursuant to recent reports, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and its CEO, Elon Musk have to bow down to charges and have acquiesced to pay $40 million along with subsequent concessions. This comes as a repercussion to the government lawsuit against Musk, alleging that he has deceived investors by using misleading statements about...

Employee Burnout At Workplace: Blame Poor Leadership Before Anything Else [STUDY]

Employee Burnout
Everyone goes through stressful days at work. But for some employees, it's not just about the hashtag of #MondayBlues! In fact, stress becomes the regular visitor and their reality. This can also be dubbed metaphorically as a disease of the modern day Work Culture - Employee Burnout!But the question is, how common is Employee Burnout and what exactly bolsters...

The Indian Onboarding State of Affairs: A Goal Or A Challenge? [STUDY]

onboarding in india
India's changing business ecosystem and all the Onboarding fiasco - The When, Whys, and Hows, has been only clear as dishwater!Rapid changes have ushered in, with the advancement of technology. As a result, the contemporary market trends require companies to necessitate and plot their skill-demand prior to induction and work accordingly to take precedence in the economic spectrum.For a...

Indra Nooyi, World’s Highest Paid Female CEO: Women CEOs Out-Earn Men

highest paid female CEO
Although there are comparatively very few women, breaking the persistent-stigma around female leadership, are now out-earning men. A recent analysis by Equilar, an executive data firm, showcased the scenario where, in the most rarefied helms, women CEO out-earned their male counterparts. The latest list of highest-paid female CEOs highlights the changing equations in the leadership scenario, especially at the...

Why Very Few Entrepreneurs Succeed (And Why Majority Fail)

successful entrepreneurs
An entrepreneur is defined as an individual who starts a business and is willing to take risks to make money. The success of an entrepreneur is generally determined by the ability to do this effectively, which is quite a feat, considering that the vast majority of startups fail. In addition to financial rewards such as income, revenue and profit,...

Anand Mahindra Apologizes Over The Way Tech Mahindra Employee Was Fired

Anand Mahindra apologizes
The heat was bound to reach the top brass of Tech Mahindra and the Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra didn't delay to address it. Earlier today we reported how an HR representative of Tech Mahindra unethically and unprofessionally fired an employee. Taking the cognizance of the matter, Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to apologise over the incident.After the...

Is Tech Mahindra Practicing Unethical Layoff Process to Optimise Cost? [UPDATED]

Tech Mahindra layoff employees
A person is known by his behaviour and approach during the tough time. Looks like the same is very much applicable for companies as well. In a recent incident, one of the leading IT companies in India, Tech Mahindra, is caught red-handed by practising unethical layoff process in the name of cost optimisation.An employee of Tech Mahindra, who served the...

The New CEO of Uber: It’s Sheryl Sandberg vs Marissa Mayer!

the new CEO of Uber Sheryl Sandberg
A female CEO would help Uber to win back its market reputation and get the company out from the slew of sexual scandals.This is what Uber's Board seems to be convinced of. The board has started to screening the portfolios of the best candidates to fill the position which has gone vacant after the exit of Travis Kalanick, Founder of...

Why Do Apple’s Cash Reserve And Valuation Keep Soaring Despite Flagging iPhone Sales?

Apple Valuation vs Cash reserve Fiscal Q4 0217
The 9th of May 2017 marked a milestone for smartphone manufacturer and tech giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). For the first time ever, the valuation of Apple crossed $800 billion. This makes Apple the first US company to ever do so and is yet another feather in Apple's already gilded cap. However, this news is little bittersweet for Apple, coming on...

Employ These Splendid Customer Retention Tactics to Improve Your Sales

customer retention sales boost
Getting past customers to purchase again is several times cheaper than acquiring new clients. This statement is especially true for a crowded eCommerce market where ads, clicks and conversions constantly rise in cost.  That’s why online entrepreneurs should pay as much attention to retention as they do to an acquisition.Let’s take a look at 6 simple tactics you can...

Google Is Exploring Twitter Acquisition Once Again; And It Makes Sense!

Google acquires Twitter
Right from the beginning, Google (Alphabt Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL)) has established a habit of acquiring potential companies to expand their reach on every platform and to every corner of the world. This time, it seems like the search engine mogul is eyeing the No.1 micro-blogging social network, Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR), according to the rumours making rounds over the internet. According...

The Highest Paid CEOs Perform Worst, Data Proves It !

Highest Paid CEOs
In this 21st century, which is an era of digital revolutionization, we are all digitally connected to one or another, and when we hear the name of ‘social media’, the name that comes to our mind at first is ‘Facebook’. It's a known fact that Facebook is among the best paymasters in the industry where even interns are paid...

Intel Abandoning Smartphones For IoT: Analyzing This Intel (ligent) Move [UPDATED]

intel exit moible industry
When almost every device and component manufacturer is betting on mobile at the cost of their other focused areas, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTL) has surprised many with a decision to exit smartphone industry. So, what is cooking 'Inside Intel', let's find out today.As the first quarter results for 2016 keep rolling in, it seems that the tech giants of the...

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