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onboarding in india

The Indian Onboarding State of Affairs: A Goal Or A Challenge? [STUDY]

India's changing business ecosystem and all the Onboarding fiasco - The When, Whys, and Hows, has been only clear as dishwater!Rapid changes have ushered...
highest paid female CEO

Indra Nooyi, World’s Highest Paid Female CEO: Women CEOs Out-Earn Men

Although there are comparatively very few women, breaking the persistent-stigma around female leadership, are now out-earning men. A recent analysis by Equilar, an executive...
successful entrepreneurs

Why Very Few Entrepreneurs Succeed (And Why Majority Fail)

An entrepreneur is defined as an individual who starts a business and is willing to take risks to make money. The success of an...
Anand Mahindra apologizes

Anand Mahindra Apologizes Over The Way Tech Mahindra Employee Was Fired

The heat was bound to reach the top brass of Tech Mahindra and the Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra didn't delay to address...
Tech Mahindra layoff employees

Is Tech Mahindra Practicing Unethical Layoff Process to Optimise Cost? [UPDATED]

A person is known by his behaviour and approach during the tough time. Looks like the same is very much applicable for companies as well....
the new CEO of Uber Sheryl Sandberg

The New CEO of Uber: It’s Sheryl Sandberg vs Marissa Mayer!

A female CEO would help Uber to win back its market reputation and get the company out from the slew of sexual scandals.This is what...
Apple Valuation vs Cash reserve Fiscal Q4 0217

Why Do Apple’s Cash Reserve And Valuation Keep Soaring Despite Flagging iPhone Sales?

The 9th of May 2017 marked a milestone for smartphone manufacturer and tech giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). For the first time ever, the valuation...
customer retention sales boost

Employ These Splendid Customer Retention Tactics to Improve Your Sales

Getting past customers to purchase again is several times cheaper than acquiring new clients. This statement is especially true for a crowded eCommerce market...
Google acquires Twitter

Google Is Exploring Twitter Acquisition Once Again; And It Makes Sense!

Right from the beginning, Google (Alphabt Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL)) has established a habit of acquiring potential companies to expand their reach on every platform...
Highest Paid CEOs

The Highest Paid CEOs Perform Worst, Data Proves It !

In this 21st century, which is an era of digital revolutionization, we are all digitally connected to one or another, and when we hear...
intel exit moible industry

Intel Abandoning Smartphones For IoT: Analyzing This Intel (ligent) Move [UPDATED]

When almost every device and component manufacturer is betting on mobile at the cost of their other focused areas, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTL) has surprised...
highest paid CEOs in tech

Microsoft, Qualcomm and Yahoo! Are The Best Pay Master For The CEO Position

Like most other industries out there, the tech world is uber-competitive as well. However, one major differentiates this industry from all other- the incredible...
Google Alphabet Decoding

Googol (Google) To Alphabet: Think Different Evolution Of Larry Page

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has recently gone through the a major restructuring. As per the new arrangement, Google would be a part of Alphabet, a...
e-commerce acquisitions in India

At The Times When E-commerce Acquisitions in India Go Unbounded

On their path towards expansion, e-commerce players in India are looking out for mergers and acquisitions in order to expand their businesses. They always...

RMSI Overtakes Google As India’s Best Company to Work In 2015 [REPORT]

Google India is finally outranked by the domestic IT firm, RMSI to be crowned as India’s best company to work in 2015, according to...
stakeholders of google

Why Are The Stakeholders of Google Inc. (GOOGL) So Unhappy?

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) was started as a research project by two graduate students at Stanford back in 1995. It was a pioneer in the...

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