The Squid Game In Real Life Is Equally Exciting As The Netflix Show Worth $900 Million

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From Halloween to Netflix, from real life to reel life, the South Korean Netflix show Squid Game has taken over the internet by storm and dominated Halloween as people were seen dressed as characters of Squid Games. The web series managed to establish itself as 2021’s most-watched and talked about TV series. More than 140 million have watched the series making it worth $900 million.

The drama series gained so much popularity that it created a buzz among people that the fans have tried making the dalgona candy, bought Squid Game outfits and countries are setting up similar games for children and adults without any blood-shedding or risk. Abu Dhabi will be the first emirate to have Squid Game park open for children.

The Netflix show is based around hundreds of cash-strapped contestants who take up an invitation to compete in a children’s game for cash but the stakes turn out to be deadly. The games were much identical to what children play, including the glass bridge walk, red light green light, and the candy cutting game.

Squid Game In Real Life: Game Rules, Winning Prize and More

Taking the excitement to a whole new level, some people have decided to recreate the excitement and craze of the game in real life. YouTuber MrBeast has now created and hosted a real life Squid Game, that is the closest to the show. The only difference was that no one got killed or hurt.

According to the reports, it cost $3.5 million (roughly Rs 26 crores) to set up the whole Squid Game-themed game.

In MrBeast’s Squid Game, he is dressed as ‘The Front Man’ and just like the Netflix show, the real-life Squid Game also featured 456 participants. The games were more “tame” obviously to what it was in the show, but it was still pretty intense. The games played were also pretty much identical, the main difference MrBeast did is insert a device strapped inside their shirt which pops when they’re eliminated and we’re offered small prizes by the YouTuber who dropped early. 

  • The game also started with a children’s game called Red Light, Green Light in which the participants got 30 minutes to complete this challenge. 
  • The second round was called “honeycomb”. A round where users were required to recreate symbols displayed on the wall, similar to the show.
  • The third part of the game was a tug-of-war between two teams of 60 people each where only one team wins. 
  • The fourth round was also similar to the Netflix series, only in this Mr Beast’s team grouped “two best friends” – a player was paired with their actual bestie or the one they were talking to the most. 
  • The fifth round was where the game got more intense, the remaining players were given a game of Ddakji to eliminate more contestants. 
  • Round fifth was followed by the “penultimate round” where people have to cross a bridge with high chances of falling onto a pile of foam that was again followed by a game of musical chairs that decided the final winner.

The winner of Mr Beast’s YouTube Squid Game competition – participant number 74 – bagged a $456,000 (roughly Rs 3.4 crores) prize while the runner-up won the cash prize of $10,000 (roughly Rs 7.5 lakh). But the good point was every participant won a few thousand dollars.

The whole game was recorded and is now made available on Mr. Beast’s YouTube channel. You must give this a watch if you’re a fan of the Squid Game show on Netflix as this sure is the most faithful recreation we’ve seen to date. Not to forget the fact that it was reported to have cost $3.5 million to put together.


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