The Future of Apple MacBook Pro M1 Seems To Be In Question

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If you’re thinking of buying a new MacBook Pro with M1 chipset then stop and give this article a read. There are early signs that Apple could discontinue Macbook Pro 13-inch with M1 chipset, following the launch of Apple’s long-awaited 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

With no rumors of a refreshed version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro on the horizon at all – it was last updated in November 2020 – the 13-inch MacBook Pro is now an anomaly in the Mac lineup, being the only device with the Touch Bar and is starting to look like an outlier in the product lineup.

Features such as MagSafe 3, more ports, larger display sizes, a 1080p webcam, full-size physical function keys, mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR displays with ProMotion differentiate the high-end MacBook Pro models from the entry-level option more than ever. Featuring very little “Pro” functionality to justify its namesake, with these high-end machines being targeted toward professionals with hefty price tags, the existence of the MacBook Pro is skeptical.

The similarities between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are another reason which is making the existence of MacBook Pro unjustified. There are many similarities between the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro, according to a detailed buyer’s guide, in terms of specification. For instance,

  • MacBook Air and MacBook Pro sport the same M1 processor
  • Both the models have similar 13.3-inch display
  • Both have Touch ID
  • Equal number and same ports
  • Both are broadly equivalent
  • Similarities in other hardware features

But there are very few differences between the two devices giving the 13-inch MacBook Pro a slight edge over the ‌MacBook Air‌, making little to no difference to day-to-day use.

For instance, display brightness, touch Bar, microphone and speaker quality, two extra hours of battery life, active cooling system are some of the differences which don’t offer a significant MacBook Pro much edge over MacBook Air.

Due to it looking like an outlier in the product lineup, Apple finds it difficult to justify the additional investment of $300 to users on the MacBook Pro model when compared with the price of MacBook Air.

The Touch Bar sure served as a good reason to get the MacBook Pro, but that was in previous years. As of now, indicating that the technology is set to be deprecated across the board, Apple has removed the OLED strip from its latest MacBook Pros. 

It is now believed that with the launch of a redesigned MacBook Air, the current gap between the 13-inch MacBook Pro and ‌MacBook Air‌ will narrow even further. 

Redesigned MacBook Air would like a new adrenaline rush for Apple users. This device is rumoured to be getting ‌MagSafe‌ 3, the M2 chip, a mini-LED display, full-size function keys, a 1080p webcam, and a new, slimmer design. 

What is thriving about these upgrades is the net value of the ‌MacBook Air‌, which is usually cheaper than the MacBook Pro. It again could easily leave the entry-level MacBook Pro much behind as a considerably inferior device. 

All said and done, the possibility of Apple discontinuing MacBook Pro is at rumour stage until there is an official statement from the company. Apple may keep both the M1 ‌MacBook Air‌ and 13-inch MacBook Pro, and introduce the 2022 ‌MacBook Air‌ or “MacBook” at a price that varies between the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the 14-inch MacBook Pro. But discontinuing the 13-inch MacBook Pro, considering the total line, seems like a better option. 

Even though there’s no knowing Apple’s exact plan, rumour suggests that the next-generation ‌MacBook Air‌ could simply be branded as a “MacBook”, making much more sense as a mid-range Mac laptop in place of the current 13-inch MacBook Pro.


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