WhatsApp Group Calling Feature Gets Much Awaited Addition

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In the era of work from home, group calling has become more critical than ever. The WhatsApp group calling feature, first introduced in mid-2018, has a much needed and much-awaited addition today.

The mobile messaging behemoth has announced that the WhatsApp group calling feature which allows people to join at mid of the call or rejoin if they are dropped in between due to any reason.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been introducing new features or enhancing existing features at regular intervals to keep its users glued to the platform as much as possible. The increasing popularity of various video calling platforms, like Zoom and Google Meet, focused on video communication, are fast gaining momentum in the market at the cost of time WhatsApp users spend on the platform.


WhatsApp Group Calling: Big Picture

  • WhatsApp group calling feature, for both voice and video calls, is now available with rejoining feature.
  • Like Google meet or Zoom, any WhatsApp user can join an ongoing voice or video group call in the mid of the session or rejoin if it drops off.
  • Touted as ‘WhatsApp Joinable calls’, the feature helps users to optimize their calling time as they can join ongoing calls in mid of a session instead of making themselves available from the starting of the group call.
  • It allows WhatsApp to narrow the gap with Zoom and Google Meet offering a similar feature to its users.
  • WhatsApp users have been jumping off the ship for long, when they need to make a group call, especially for official purposes. WhatsApp has identified it as a big gap in offering and was working on the same for some time.
  • WhatsApp has also introduced a call info screen to help users see who all are currently active on the calls.
  • WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users making it the most popular mobile messaging app globally.
  • WhatsApp has been working on various features, including WhatsApp Pay, to keep billions of users glued to the platform as much as possible.
  • WhatsApp has been slowly transforming itself into a super app by partnering with others, such as Reliance Retail.

Food For Thought

The sudden rise in app-based voice and video group calls has forced the tech giants to pay close attention to communication tools and offerings. The skyrocketing stock price of Zoom Video Communication attracted the eyeballs of other companies who quickly jumped into the communication business. Microsoft, Google, and many other tech giants tweaked their existing collaboration tools to serve the need for group video calling. In addition, they have been enhancing to cater to the growing needs of billion users relying on group calls due to lockdown.

But the shady history of Facebook, which has been accused of sharing its users’ personal data with partners to reap more advertising revenue much time in the past, is quite concerning. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion in 2014 and hasn’t released any revenue model. With new features, users’ reliance on WhatsApp is more than ever before.
Communication being the key to success in this digital era, can Facebook-owned WhatsApp be trusted?

You can use WhatsApp rejoin group call feature by following these instructions.


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