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WhatsApp Change Number Feature: A Long Due, Much Needed

whatsapp change number feature
WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that was long due and needed by those who keep juggling with or upgrading new smartphones devices very frequently. The enhancement in WhatsApp Change Number feature will allow users to access their WhatsApp data, including chat history and image, on a new device without going through the tedious process of device-to-device migration.Though...

Social Messaging: Catalysing The Next Wave of Digital Revolution In Communication

growth of social messaging
Social messaging is fast coming to the fore today. According to the Harvard Business Review, of the top ten global applications, six are social messaging-centric ones, used by 1.4 billion people worldwide. As per industry experts, the revenue generated by these applications will exceed that of regular messaging applications by $15 per user by 2020.In fact, social messaging is...

In The Era of Mobile Messaging Apps, Is Text Messaging Still Relevant For Businesses ?

text mobile messages
The simple answer is: yes, it is. And not only that, but businesses cannot afford to ignore it. The topic might be shrouded in misconception because text messaging is viewed as a personal thing. This means that when we think about text messaging, we instantly think emoticons, “lols” and abbreviations. But how about running your business and closing deals with...

36% Smartphone Owners Use Messaging Apps, Women Prefer Auto-Delete Apps [REPORT]

Mobile Messaging apps usage in US
In the wake of the second decade of this new millennium, an online presence has become more than necessary. Several platforms are available to grab the attention of users and allow them to connect both at a personal as well as professional level. Mobile messaging has gone viral since the arrival of apps like WhatsApp (2009), Kik (2010), Snapchat...

Smartphone Apps Usage Behaviour 2015: Messaging Apps Drive The Engagement [REPORT]

With the rise in the number of Smartphone users worldwide, many startups and established technology firms are busy building mobile apps with an aim to make lives better and easier. According to the Consumer Insight Summary Report - June 2015 released by Ericsson, although there are a wide range of functions and applications available out there, more than 30%...

Who Actually Killed Anonymous Messaging App Secret ?

One of the very famous Anonymous messaging app, Secret is shutting down. The announcement came from Secret's Co-founder David Byttow through a Medium post where he confirmed that the investors will be getting their money back.https://twitter.com/davidbyttow/status/593499158117355520Secret, the Anonymous messaging app used to enable the users to share their personal secrets and confidential matters with others by eliminating the fear of getting traced....

Facebook Messenger Reaching 500 Million Users In Three Months Means A Lot For The Industry

facebook messaging app download
Anything and everything that this giant networking site does makes news!And why not- when each of its changes, policies and announcements affects 1.35 billion people or almost a fifth of the world’s population, it is bound to hit headlines for whatever it does. Yes, I am talking about Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB).It is the Facebook messenger app which has been...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Challenges WhatsApp With Its Revised Messaging App For Android !

Social media titan Facebook  Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is introducing progressive changes to enhance its foothold in mobile section. It's latest version of messaging app for android was renewed to provide enriched experience to its mobile users. The latest version allows users to send message to any of their mobile phone contacts bypassing the limitation of messaging to just Facebook friends/mutual...

Mobile Messaging And Advertisement In India: 54% Users Are Tend To Click More On Text Ads [Report]

Being as world’s second largest mobile market, India is one of the highly focused countries for advertisers, marketers and businesses. Around 81% consumers aged above 16 years use a mobile phone and 84% of them use pre-paid mobile services. However, only 30% users receive mobile ads on daily basis compare to neighboring country like China – world’s biggest mobile...

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