Twitter Reports an Increase Of Up To 75% in Gaming Related Tweets In 2020

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Due to the events of 2020 and the majority of us having to stay at home, the news that there was a huge growth in gaming does not come as a surprise to many of us, because we understand that many people sought alternative ways to entertain themselves and connect with others while they were at home.

With many of our favourite esports tournaments being called off entirely or rescheduled, people have had to find other ways to keep themselves entertained. Although there might be a shortage of CS:GO tournaments to bet on, there has been a huge resurgence of CSGO gambling sites in 2021 that have helped us keep in touch with the globally renowned shooter and win skins or real money in the process.

However, the level of growth witnessed during the period under review is what mesmerizes some people. Information from Facebook about its perception as it concerns the growth in gaming all through the year was delivered a few weeks back, and that included an increase of up to 50% in gaming in the United Kingdom. And now, Twitter has also revealed its own observation about the growth of gaming on its platform.


The number of tweets about gaming all through the year hit and surpassed the 2 million mark for the first time ever last year. That signals a 75% increase in what was obtainable in 2019, with the unique author witnessing a 49% increase too.

The jump in gaming related discussions was up to 75%. However, when you consider this along with the isolation occasioned by the health crisis, it becomes very understandable. But, even at that level of growth, gaming could be absolutely looked upon to take on the role of a habitual formative connection element, especially for the millennials and teenagers, even after we’ve been able to beat this crisis and return to our normal ways in the nearest future.

When we come to particular topics in the sector, the major point of interest was gaming as a whole, but it would also be good to specifically consider the huge growth of esports and the particular games that drew more attention within the period under review.

According to Twitter also, the gaming discussion was championed by Japan, which stands as Twitter’s second-biggest market after the United States.

Twitter reported a worldwide count of 192 million daily monetizable users on the platform, registering a 26% YoY growth. There are 37 million users in the US alone – the home country of the microblogging platform. It is estimated that these users sent nearly 200 billion tweets every day. In such a situation, 2 million tweets related to gaming in a while year still look minuscule.


One other point of interest is the issue of the rise of gaming culture, events inclusive.

Gaming events have metamorphosed into very lucrative and huge businesses, and the connection opportunity they delivered during the self-isolation period were even more significant, and the biggest events saw millions of viewers streaming from all over the world. A look at this growth in popularity also reveals how legitimately esports is seen as a genuine competition to traditional sports systems when it comes to fans’ involvement and interaction – and this also connects to the esports stars that are currently becoming standout celebrities of their own rights.

The meaning is that marketers must not overlook gaming and the gaming culture as a huge means of connecting. And when you don’t even consider it appropriate for your brand, the in game marketing opportunities are growing massively, and this could offer you the needed means and avenue or route to the brand, as you link into the growing segment.

The truth is that a new collaboration on digital clothing for new in-game avatars between Pokémon go and The North Face has just been announced, and Snapchat is also working on it for Bitmoji characters. Many of such in-game interactive tie links, digital billboards, and many other linking and connection chances that will deliver fresh ways to get into the gaming world should be expected.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, gaming can only continue to grow and become more popular and influential in the long run. When you ask a young YouTube viewer the name of their favourite creator, the answers will likely be the name of a gaming streamer. This market segment is one that should be observed closely and considered within a broader digital plan.


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