Designing Emails to Drive More Action Has Few Secret Traits

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People read emails every day, but not all of them can make an impression and stick in their mind. It is not a surprise! An effective newsletter requires both creativity and analytical skills. It helps to draw the right conclusions from the ever-growing array of information. 

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is an Internet marketing tool. It involves sending emails of commercial content to a certain number of customers from the database. Newsletter refers to the strategy of email marketing

Newsletter is one of the most effective tools of the Internet marketing for business. One of the reasons for it is the low cost of implementation. At the same time, creative email marketing designs might help to receive high profit. This article covers tips to help you improve the effectiveness of your newsletter.

Here are few of carefully refined and revised tips to create great email newsletter design that will attracts the eyeballs of recipients.  

Pay attention to customers

No one likes ads wholly dedicated to the company and its products. The emails must contain information that is interesting primarily for the recipients. According to the rules of email campaign design, good advertising should contain 90% of the information. Only the last 10% should go to the ad itself.

Make sure that the newsletter is really needed

Check if your customers want to receive emails from you. Use the double subscription confirmation offered by MailChimp, Constant Contact, or other services. It is also recommended to design a convenient unsubscribe procedure. In 2021, there is a trend to show customers what exactly will be presented in the newsletter. There are some companies which offer a sample of a newsletter. Thus, the customers may decide from the beginning whether to subscribe or not. 

Do not overload an email with the text

Remember the rule – place only 1 Call to Action per email. This will make it easier for the client to do what is required of him. A lot of text will not lead the client to action, but will divert attention and distract from the main message. The advantage of a series of short emails that are launched for specific promotions is that the client can be prepared for the purchase step by step.

The series is triggered if it gradually leads the buyer to the final letter, where the promotion is offered. Come up with not just a promotion, but create a newsbreak! 

Use the corporate email design 

It is important to create a certain style of newsletters. The design of the emails should correspond both to the design of your website and corporate style. Corporate design will increase the recognition of your emails, make them stand out from others.

In addition, having email layout ideas will make your work easier. It is better to prepare several newsletter email designs, and then use them on a regular basis. All you have to do then is to change the content. 

Implement an individual approach

Recipients always want to feel that they are being taken care of. Firstly, you need to group customers by age, their region of residence, favourite colour, or other criteria. Thus, each group receives targeted content that reflects their preferences. If the main theme of your newsletter is pieces of advice for overcoming writing paper procrastination, it will work out with students. The adults are likely to delete such emails, as they do not write paper works. Personalize your email topics and texts for this market share. Research shows that personalized emails are read 29% more often than regular ads.

Inspire confidence

Customers usually want to ensure that they will not lose money if the product does not fit them. To improve the effectiveness of your email advertising design, give a link to the warranty obligations that are set out on your website. It is enough for the client to understand that he is dealing with a reliable company that cares about its image. At the same time, there is no need to list all the rules, so as not to overload the reader with information. 

Offer a choice

People are pleased to think that no one influences the purchase process and that they make the decision themselves. Offer several options for the product or service. Thus, the buyer will choose what is right for him. At the same time, you will collect statistics of preferences. This may influence your future product and marketing policies. Furthermore, highlight the strengths of each of the options. Make a customer understand his benefits. 

Do not be a spammer

Avoid spam marker words, including “free offer” and “discount”. Moreover, regular text messages are less likely to end up in spam than emails with a bunch of images. Finally, add instructions for the recipient on how to add you to the main inbox so that your emails will not end up in the advertising tab.

Get everything from the email subject

Approximately every second user opens an email only on the basis of its theme. Thus, the subject must be an attractive one. Use Constant Contact or GetResponse for A/B testing of email topics. Check several email design examples and choose the best one. 

Write to the case

CAT should contain clear instructions for recipients. Multiple requests and buttons in one email might be confusing.

Make the most of subheadings

The preheader contains the first words of the email that will be shown in the “Inbox” folder. Make them interesting! There are numerous marketing tools that will help you edit this part and make your newsletter catchy. 

Introduce yourself 

Good email design examples show the importance of the “From” field.  Thus, it is necessary to mention the name of the company clearly. In 2021, the marketing specialists advise to use the real names. The clients are likely to open an email from James Smith rather than a company selling toners called TonerGo. 

Update your mailing list regularly

Do not forget to constantly monitor and remove those recipients who do not read your newsletter at all. By sending out emails to people who do not open them, you reduce the number of pageviews. 

Adapt your content to mobile devices

Approximately 50% of all emails are read by people on mobile devices. It means that the content needs to be adapted to the small screens of smartphones and tablets. This way you will not only reach more customers but also improve the perception and reputation of your brand.

Do not guess, but check

Split testing (A/B testing) allows you to check different versions of newsletters and compare the results. No need to guess which emails will get more clicks. Prepare as many newsletter email designs as you can and test each of them for effectiveness. Choose the best one and implement it in your campaign.


Getting the attention of the customers is not an easy thing to do. If a company wants to increase the audience participation, it has to constantly analyze its campaigns. Moreover, it needs to test new approaches, and make decisions based on the information received.

An excellent marketing email newsletter can affect the involvement and profit indicators. By following these tips, you will create a great marketing email newsletter that customers will look forward to.


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