Amazon Prime Video Have 3X Movies Than Netflix, But There Is A Twist!

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The new normal paves the way for massive demand in the OTT (Over-The-Top) services in the entertainment industry. In the digital platform, Netflix and Amazon Prime are the rivals who give fierce competition to each other in the market.

Based on the region and the audience preferences, the popularity of the two platforms differs from place to place. Though Amazon Prime’s subscription cost is economical when compared to that of Netflix, which has 183 million monthly paying subscribers in its cover. But Amazon is fast catching up as recently it has reported that there are 150 million internet users who have subscribed to Amazon Prime membership.

The number of Amazon Prime users may be lesser than Netflix, there are reports that have disclosed rather surprising facts. As per the recent report by ReelGood, a streaming service aggregator, Amazon is giving a stiff competition to Netflix, by having three times more number of movies in its digital archives.

Yes, according to the report, Netflix is having a total of 3,781 movies, whereas Amazon Prime has got 12,828 movies. That is more than three times denser than what Netflix has got in its archival.

Okay with the robust collection movies, Amazon might seem to stand tall. But the critical point here is how entertaining are the movies in Amazon’s archives when evaluating the value aspect based on the IMDB’s ratings; Amazon’s numbers are significantly decreasing. The movies with at least 6+ ratings with the minimum of 300 votes thus constitute only 568 to 424. Those diminishing numbers depict the content value, quality and most of the low budget shows, that could be even of homemade videos with less technical support.

This global crisis is giving vigorous competition among digital players. It’s not only Amazon or Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max are also gaining grounds in the industry. Moreover, HBO Max is standing at par with Netflix in streaming high definition videos on the platform.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix vs HBO Max

In terms of the total number of movies, TV shows and quality of the picture, it’s Amazon Prime Video that dominates the market once again. Next to Prime Video, the clash is between Netflix and HBO Max. Where Netflix has got 424 high-quality movies, and HBO comprises 421 high definition movies. To the real surprise, it’s just been three weeks since the launch of HBO Max, it is giving a fierce competition to the mighty players in the industry.

Amazon has price tagged its Prime Video services with $8.99/month, as against to $12.99/month by Netflix. HBO Max, on the other hand, is the most expensive in the bunch with $14.99/month charges.

Source: ReelGood

Amazon Prime leads all the other peer competitors in the market by per dollar subscription offering basis and all the above mentioned digital streaming services. Prime Video facilitates 247 TV shows for each one dollar of its subscription price whereas Netflix has got 149, Hulu 146, Disney+ 34, HBO Max 27 and Apple TV+ only 4 TV shows.

In movies also Amazon Prime rules the market with 1,427 movies on each dollar of its subscription price. Here, the critical point is Netflix has got only 291, HBO Max is 116, Disney+ 88, Hulu 85 and Apple TV+ just one movie for one dollar of the subscription cost.

Now, these numbers stipulate Apple TV is a fragile contender in the quantity of the content it can offer for its subscribers because it was relying only on its original content policy.

So based on the quantity of the contents Amazon tops, upon the quality Netflix and Amazon are equally strong, and on per dollar value of the content it’s again the Amazon in the lead with Netflix and Hulu trailing behind.

Now considering the user interface in the platform, Netflix has got the best in the industry with data science-related content recommendation search engines. In contrast, Amazon stands behind Netflix on content curation and distribution.  Apple’s interface is always the more complex one, Disney+ is quite simple and yet to establish more on the content availability.

Though we keep our mind educated with lots of logical analysis of what is best in what form, the conclusion finally converges to the user preferences. If an individual user needs only recreational content and not much eager about the rating, then Amazon would be the best choice. But if a user is more inclined to the quality of the content material, ratings, original spree of series, then Netflix is good to go.


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