Google Meet Ups The Ante To Eat Into Zoom’s Market: Allows Free Video Chat Upto 100 People

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Google Meet has just become more adorable. The company has just rolled out new updates that will surely put Zoom, the popular video conferencing app, in a tough spot.

In a major change, Google Meet is available for 100 people for free. It’s mean that the service which was only available for Google GSuite users so far, is available for all Gmail user worldwide. without paying a dime, 100 people can participate in a group video calling on Google Meet – quite similar to the limitations offered by Zoom.

To take the competition to a whole new level the company has announced that participants can also host video calls up to 100 people without any time duration. To put things in context, Zoom caps video calls with a 40 minute duration for all 100 participants. By removing the time duration surely provides Google Meet an edge over Zoom, especially when Zoom is finding itself in hot water due to various privacy and data security reasons.


Google Meet: Eyes on The Largest Chunk

Google is aggressively pushing Google Meet to users. In a bid to rope in enterprise users, the company has made the premium feature that allow 250 users to users to participate in a video call free to all GSuit suers. However, the company has decided to offer this feature as a free only till 30 September 2020.

Google Meet, which was available only as a part of GSuit offering to its premium customers is leaving no stone unturned to grab the biggest chunk of the pie. The global video conferencing market is estimated worth $6.3 billion by 2026. Given the fast-changing working conditions due to the pandemic that has forced companies to allow all their employees to work from home, the need and usage of video conferencing app has spiked suddenly. Interestingly, as experts believe that the condition is not to return to normal to any time soon, companies have accepted to operate in the new-normal conditions, and video conferencing is going to play a major role in their day to day operations for years to come. The traditional style of office setup and culture is facing a survival issue, employees are slowly getting used to employe many new tools, such as video conferencing apps, for group meetings, discussion and event to participate in small events while working from home.

Almost every major tech giant has set their eyes on market. The sudden rise in the popularity and exploded adoption of Zoon, which lead it to acquire millions of users in just a few months has caught the attention of Facebook, Microsoft and even the government of India. As the race to dominate the video conferencing market has begun, Google doesn’t want to miss the bus, like it did with social media, this time. The company was quick to allow users to access Google Meet for free, and now with upgraded limitations, it has become much more adorable, especially when it comes with confidence and data security offered by Google.


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