What Businesses Need to Know About the Instagram Algorithm in 2020

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Every social media platform, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, is driven by an algorithm that controls the content exposure. This is the formula that makes sure your content is shown to a wide range of users. The result is greater engagement on the platform. 

You’ve probably heard of Google and their algorithm. It keeps getting changed at regular intervals and it’s important to keep updated. This is going to keep your website relevant and in the top searches. Well, the same goes for Instagram. They also update their algorithm to give the best experience to their users. When you know what the platform is looking for, you can push your content onto people’s feeds.

With over 1 billion monthly active users Instagram is the most popular mobile-focused image sharing network.


Let’s take a look at the Instagram algorithm and ways you can boost engagement in 2020.

Likes and Comments Matter

Instagram has made it clear that the Likes and Comments you receive are important for content ranking. Therefore, you have to do everything to boost your likes and comments for more people to see your photos or videos. Focus on quality images, interesting captions and utilizing the best hashtags for your business.

Don’t forget to use Instagram Analytics on your business account. This can show you what content is working best for you. You can see everything from the most popular times to post images to what countries your customers are in.

Invest Time in Instagram Stories

A lot of Instagram users spend time watching their Stories, perhaps more time than they spend scrolling their feed. This means your business has got to jump on the bandwagon. Indeed, Instagram has confirmed that this can boost user engagement. Therefore, it’s time to add updates to your Stories. This can be anything from daily updates to sharing the morals and story of your brand. For inspiration the content you could post, read about Tej Kohli.

All Accounts are Equal

A lot of businesses assume they enjoy preferential treatment on Instagram. However, this is not true. It doesn’t matter whether you have a personal or business account, you’re going to have to work hard. Thus, don’t assume your content is going to get out there just because it’s on a business profile. Still invest time on great posts for your users that brings value to their feed.


Photos and Videos are Treated the Same

Instagram has recently confirmed that it doesn’t matter whether you post photos or videos. The content is treated equally and both can be popular with customers. The point of your Instagram is to customize it the way you like it. You’re free to post whatever you want. The only difference is that users who view more videos are more likely to see them on their feed.

Do Not Use Fake Accounts or Bots

Some influencers and businesses have been known to use fake profiles to boost engagement with their content. But the truth is, Instagram knows this. So, make sure you don’t use any fake accounts to improve your business page. It simply won’t work and it could actually have a negative effect.


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