Why A Number Of Smartphone Users Ditching Android For iPhone? [STUDY]

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This has been a firing debate for almost a decade now; Android Smartphone vs iPhone, which could be a better choice. While it’s really impossible to find something very conclusive, efforts are on to understand why a smartphone user jump off the ship. Apple fanboys find iOS ecosystem much more stable and secure than Android, while, on the other hand, Android users claim their mobile operating system offers more feature and value for money than any iPhone. It’s a never-ending debate why smartphone users switch from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, and that’s why a new study sheds some light on users’ preferences that keep them hooked with a particular mobile operating system.

According to a new study by PCMag, the percentage of smartphone users who switch from Android to iPhone is significantly higher than those who jump off the Apple ship for Android. 18% of smartphone users who participated in the study claimed that they moved from Android to iPhone while only 11% of respondents claimed otherwise.

There are various agencies tracking the shift for some time now, and most of the time the findings are challenged by one or another user group. But what is more interesting – and definite – is to find the reasons behind the people’s decision to ditch their current operating system.

Switch From Android to iPhone: User Experience Plays A Key Role

According to the PCMag study, the reason why smartphone users switch from Android to iPhone is quite different from those shifting otherwise. 47% of those who switched from Android to iPhone marked ‘better user experience‘ the top most reason. On the other hand, 30% of those who shifted from iPhone to Android cited users experience as the main reason behind their selection.

Undoubtedly, Apple iOS experience is always rated much higher than Android, thanks to the fragmentation issue with Android.

But, for those switching to Android, the better user experience is not the only reason. 29% of smartphone users who switched from iPhone to Android tagged Price is the second most important reason. They found Android smartphones offer more value for money than exaggeratedly priced iPhone devices. Unsurprisingly, for 11% of users switching to iPhone, the price is not a major concern, they claimed it was for the savings.

Smartphone users who participated in the study cited other reasons as well behind their decision to shift. However, for most of the reasons users were neck to neck. Better features, more apps, better customer service, and faster software updates were other reasons cited by smartphone users who jumped off their ship. In the most of these cases, there was an equal percentage of smartphone users.

The study also highlights when a smartphone user replaces his phone. Contrary to the belief, 56% of participants said they don’t care about the new launch. 34% of participants, who have either made a switch of considering to switch, said that they buy a newly released smartphone only after the completion of their contract period. 17% of those respondents said they will buy a newly launched smartphone only when they break the screen of their current smartphone.

Overall, 53% of respondent said they only make an upgrade when their smartphone is broken.

The study was conducted on 2,500 smartphone users in the US in the month of August 2018.


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