Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition And ‘Not-So-Real’ Internal Component?

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The Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi had stirred up quite a storm when it had first unveiled Mi 8 Explorer edition. Xiaomi said that it was the first smartphone ever to come with a clear back to offer its users a clear view of the internal components of the device. The idea was different than what anyone had ever attempted but since the time it was made public, people were doubtful of it. It seemed too good to be true.

And now current leaks suggest that the doubts that people had with the smartphone were on point. The promises made by the company were indeed too good to be true.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition: False Advertising?

Technically Xiaomi had not lied about the smartphone being transparent and showing the inner components. The rear of Mi 8 explorer edition is indeed transparent and it does show some internal components that are very well organised and aesthetically pleasing. However, anyone who knows even a little about the internal components of a smartphone knows that in reality, it isn’t this pretty.

Xiaomi cleared the doubts by stating that what is visible from the transparent back is not a sticker but the real internal components. However, experts still have some doubts about the claim. They believe that the part of the motherboard visible from the back of the device may play no role in the working of the smartphone and is just there to look pretty. It is just a dummy board that is devoid of all the ‘ugly’ part of a board most of Xiaomi’s other smartphones have. There is some merit in their doubts as well; space, where a processor would attach, is left empty and there is no ball grid array where a chip would attach in order to function properly.

Mi 8 Explorer edition motherboard

Did This Deception Effect The Sales Of The Smartphone?

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer edition is the third and the most expensive variant of Xiaomi Mi 8 – a flagship model and the successor of Mi 6. Even if the board that is reportedly visible from the rear of the Mi 8 Explorer edition proves to be a fake and serves no purpose, the smartphone is pretty to look at and has a totally different look from any device that has ever set foot in the market.

While some may think that the revelation, that all that is visible is fake, would have an adverse effect on the sales of smartphone that wasn’t the case here. The Mi 8 Explorer edition was launched on the Xiaomi Mall in China where it sold out within seconds. The smartphone is in high demand and will go on sale again on Friday, August 3rd. Xiaomi has shown exceptional sales of its smartphone and the Mi 8 Explorer edition is another jewel in its crown.

The visible back is not the only reason behind the unprecedented sales of Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer. Another reason for the smartphone being so popular among the masses is that apart from being totally different in looks and aesthetically pleasing it has a very good pricing. The device is price tagged with 3,699 Yuan (equivalent to $543 USD), which is quite reasonable for a smartphone offering such specifications and unique design element. The smartphone also sports a 6.12-inch AMOLED display. It has a notch on top which houses a 20MP camera and 3D Face Unlock System.

Xiaomi has very tactfully marketed its ‘transparent smartphone’ to appeal to the audience and make it aesthetically pleasing while telling no lies. The phone offers everything the Chinese smartphone brands promised and at the same time is not what it was supposed to be. But as the sales show people love the Mi 8 Explorer no matter what. It is expected that the sale on 3rd August will show even better results. The phone has been launched in China and will enter markets of other countries soon. However, it seems as if US and UK will have to wait longer for Xiaomi, as the brand has no intentions currently to enter the markets there.


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