Flipkart, Amazon To Meet Head-On Again; This Time Over Campus Recruitment

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With the eCommerce giants, Flipkart and Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), consistently trying to trump up against each other, this battle is no longer confined. While the ultimate war for dominance over India’s $17.8-billion online retail market sustains, these companies are hawk-eyeing the young talent pool, marking dates for Campus Recruitment.

According to recent reports, both the companies are knocking themselves out in order to grab the best of talent, particularly from Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) and National Institutes of Technology (NIT).

The current requirement that one may be acknowledged for, would be on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML). No doubt, these will be prerequisites given the fact that AI, ML, and Data Science are the cutting-edge pioneers of a digital future!


Flipkart Mantles Up With ‘Bulk Hiring’

The Bengaluru-based eCommerce company plans at hiring more this year than it did last year. If sources are to be believed, it will mark its debut in many colleges this summer, including NIT Warangal, National Institute of Fashion Technology, and National Institute of Design and Faculty of Management Studies.

The reason students tend to be inclined to biggies such as Flipkart is due to the positions the company has to offer, especially in product development and operations.

Flipkart’s recruitment has picked up the momentum when in March this year, the company has announced 700 new job openings, that’s after a two-year lull in hiring.

Given the fact that Flipkart is a smaller organization, as compared to Amazon India, therefore can be expected to provide more roles for students than Amazon usually does. Although, most of the premier institutes anticipate campus recruitment by both the companies, many have a firm belief that Flipkart will cater to more number of students, this season.

Campus Recruitment; Top Priority For Amazon!

Campus hiring sits on top, in the American e-commerce giant’s priority list.


“Each year, we are further encouraged and excited with the discovery of new talent pool across campuses. The experiences reinforce our belief that with suitable nurturing, this young talent pool can make a long-term positive impact to our customers,” – Raj Raghavan, Head of Human Resources Asia Pacific at Amazon.

Amazon is known for its fine-fettle benefits. Apparently, out of all the students who intern in the company, Amazon India hires more than 60% of them. The reason, this Jeff Bezos-owned firm sets interest in the young talent pool of the country is because of the willingness and energy to find solutions and delve deep into issues to address it. Furthermore, Raj Raghavan claims that the graduates today, freshly out of college look at problems from the varied point of view.

Chalking up the slate of recruitment done by Amazon India, more than 35 per cent candidates from Engineering background and 20 per cent from Business colleges were recruited in 2016-17, as opposed to the previous year.

  • FY 2013-14: 274 Engineering Graduates and 149 MBAs
  • FY 2014-15: 268 Engineering Graduates and 201 MBAs
  • FY 2015-16: 401 Engineering Graduates and 204 MBAs

The Ultimate Talent-Hunt!

With the talent hunt on spree, coding intensive profiles such as data scientist, product managers, etc. is in demand, and hence, up for grabs in both the companies.

Given the fact that the technology companies have their top priorities slotted for their customers, they resort to technology as their backbone.

With Amazon Videos, Amazon Kindle, Fire TV and Amazon Payments getting into the verticals for Amazon India for the FY 2018, it is looking out for hiring security specialists, video motion designer, solution architects and more such posts.

Again, Flipkart has outlined its focus for this season and it will be hiring people with sound knowledge of Big data, ML, AI, etc.

The first set of recruitment will begin at NITs in August, trailed closely by IITs who will have their campus drive during October. The long-stood IITs will witness their recruitment in December.


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