OnePlus 6: Good Enough But Not A Great Smartphone?

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Yet another flagship beast from OnePlus has arrived and it packs the latest hardware and wreaks unparalleled performance. The all-new OnePlus 6 is living up to its motto “The Speed You Need“, and it really is very, very fast. But, is this stellar performer the nicest Android in the room or a slight compromise?

Extensive benchmark and real-world tests have proved the incredible performance of OnePlus 6 and at the price tag of $529, it’s a not an entirely bad deal. OnePlus has somehow always managed to outperform their price point in both quality and functionality. Top of the line features combined with some savvy marketing tactics has made Android diehards flock to OnePlus.

But there are no shortcuts to greatness, having said that, it remains to be seen that whether OnePlus 6 could stand against the likes of Samsung Galaxy S9, or the Apple iPhone X.


If there was a general conviction that metal or glass phones couldn’t get better than Galaxy S9 or iPhone X, OnePlus 6 has overlapped on it. Honestly, the metal made the previous phone stand out and OnePlus’ first phone with a glass back makes it appear just like every other smartphone. OnePlus claims that an all-glass design allows better wireless reception and it doesn’t really compromise phone’s durability. The design of OnePlus 6 is nonetheless attractive and quite a departure from the older OnePlus 5T. The dual rear camera has been placed in a vertical setup and the fingerprint sensor has gotten smaller. The Face Unlock on OnePlus 6 is uber-quick, although it is not as great as the iPhone X’s Face ID.

The display of the new flagship isn’t much different from the previous model, but the screen size has gotten a litter larger at 6.28-inches (OnePlus 5T had a 6.01-inch screen). It has a notch, but smaller than iPhone X and LG G7 ThinQ, which provides more screen space. As a lot of Android apps are not optimized for the notch, they don’t play nicely with the cutout. Perhaps, this won’t be fixed until the next Android upgrade. The device hasn’t totally got rid of the bezel as it still has a small bottom ‘chin’.

The gaming experience on the OnePlus 6 is ultra fast and responsive as even the heaviest games in Android ecosystem run smoothly, thanks to the copious amounts of RAM and super-quick Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. OnePlus 6 would possibly never fall short in terms of power and reliability due to its RAM and processor.

The 1080 x 2280 pixels AMOLED display of OnePlus 6 exhibits vibrant colours and deep blacks, but it is not brighter or has more pixels than the Galaxy S9. The gesture controls in OnePlus 6 are fair but they need polish as they aren’t so smooth, compared to the iPhone X. OnePlus does boast its camera prowess and the camera of its latest and the greatest flagship is also pretty fine but it can’t really defeat Samsung, Apple or even Huawei with their latest offerings. Moreover, it also doesn’t have proper water resistance. Though it supports latest wireless technology, it doesn’t work on carriers like Verizon and Sprint which would really offset every other advantage of the device.

OnePlus 6 is, of course, an evolution of what the company has been doing for 4 years when it entered the market. OnePlus is known for obsoleting its own technology faster than any other brand. Its fans will apparently contribute to fuel the company’s steady growth, and also,  OnePlus needs to bring about a slight change in its plight if it wants its device to capture a broader crowd.


[Update]: According to the new reports, OnePlus has recorded some pretty impressive opening day sales for its newly launched flagship device, both in China and India. In India, OnePlus 6 has crossed INR 100 Crore in revenue within the first 10 mins of the first sale on Amazon. While in China, the company sold 100,000 units of the device in the first 12 minutes, Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, told Android Authority.


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