How to Grab A Dream Job At A Top Notch Agency

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In most cases, the most coveted job in the marketing sector is working at a large agency. These agency jobs don’t simply fall out of the sky as it is extremely competitive to get hired at an agency that is top-notch. Far too many factors go into getting a job at one of these agencies. A proactive approach to getting your dream job will be necessary as no job is going to wait for you until you are between jobs to hire. Various tactics can be used to increase the likelihood of being hired. The following are ways that will help you score that ultimate job at the agency you’ve always wanted to work for.

Get Your Resume in Order

The first impression an agency will have of you is that of the resume that you send in. Resumes with typos or huge work gaps can be red flags for an HR person who goes through hundreds of applications and resumes a day. Standing out from the rest of the competition can be difficult as it seems like everyone has succeeded against impossible odds or at least that is how their resume reads. Take a look at a resume template for marketing jobs before you embark on what could be the most important interview of your life.

Speaking and being able to write in multiple languages can be one of the most valuable tools for a marketer. This opens up another avenue to write content or advertise to people that speak a certain language.

Make sure that your resume is free from spelling mistakes, obsolete and irrelevant information. Every agency has its own KRA/KPI defined for the candidate. That’s why it is important to have your resume tweaked to solidify your application. Google rejects thousands of resumes every week for few simple mistakes candidates make in their resumes.

Write For Industry Publications

Writing for the niche of marketing that you want to be employed in is important. Those content marketers might want to write a few posts for The Content Marketing Institute in order to get their names out there. Name recognition can be huge in certain industries and digital marketing is no different. Being recognized at a conference can give you the ability to find a new job or make a contact that can get you that job. This can also be a great way to get your freelance career off of the ground.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Your Own PR

You should be your own biggest fan and make sure your LinkedIn page reflects this. Do not inflate titles but you should ask those who you have worked with to recommend you or endorse you for certain skills. A personal website where you have a readership can be the perfect platform to do your own PR. Do not be overzealous about this but doing a decent amount can only help! If you can’t market yourself then why would an agency want you marketing for them?

Call in those Favors

Personal and professional favours need to be called in when it is time to work for a top-notch agency. Most flavours are easy to ask for and having a former colleague working at the agency you dream of working at can be just enough to be hired. You need to continually check LinkedIn to see if you know a person who has been hired at a company you desire to work for. Even something as simple as an introduction can be enough to set yourself apart from other applicants when a job opens up.

Do Contract Work In Hopes of It Turning Full-Time

There are plenty of freelancer platforms that connect agencies with freelancers. This is the time to shine while making money when working with the larger agencies. Many of these companies use these platforms as a way to audition potential employees. The best part about this is that many of the positions offered will allow you to work from home!

Be Willing To Relocate

Being willing to relocate can sometimes get you a job that you might never have dreamed. This flexibility can allow a person to get a promotion that otherwise they would not have gotten at their current company. Do not move for a lateral promotion though as you shouldn’t uproot your life for a company not willing to give you a vertical promotion. Industry hubs of marketing like Los Angeles and New York City should be considered. There are other marketing hubs that are more affordable though like Austin.

Finding the perfect job at the right agency is going to be a challenge. This challenge will be well worth it in the end as great agencies have perks, healthy working environments, and impact the consumers immensely!


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