Internships in India Surged 1000x: Nearly 50% of Companies Offer “Virtual” Internships!

The average monthly stipend for internships offered by Indian companies in 2023 was Rs 8,000, with the maximum stipend reaching an impressive Rs 1.35 lakh per month.

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In a remarkable explosion of career opportunities, Indian students have found themselves amidst an unprecedented surge in internship openings over the past few years. Notably, the year 2023 witnessed a staggering 200% increase in internship opportunities in Indian companies compared to the preceding five years, according to a report by Internshala, a leading career tech platform.

When we look back at the last decade, India has witnessed a mind-boggling 1,000x increase in internship openings for college students and fresh graduates.

The Annual Internship Hiring Trends 2024 report unveils some jaw-dropping findings from the year 2023, providing a profound understanding of India’s evolving job market for students looking for internship opportunities across multiple sectors or domains.

Internships in India: Dominant Sectors

  • Business Development and Management dominated India’s internship market, accounting for 44% of the total internships in 2023. Companies within this sector exhibited a high demand for internship roles in sales, marketing, digital marketing, business development, customer support, and operations.
  • Engineering claimed the second spot at 20%, offering technology-centric internships in programming, AutoCAD, civil, web, and app development.
  • Media sector played a significant role, contributing 18% of the total internships in India in 2023. Opportunities in creative writing, journalism, videography, photography, and public relations were prevalent.
  • Design carved a niche with a 5% share of the total openings, offering internship opportunities for individuals with a creative and design-focused inclination.
  • Education and Volunteering sector accounted for 3% of the total internship opportunities during 2023.
  • Companies in the Finance and Data Science sector offered comparatively fewer internship opportunities to Indian students, accounting for only 2% and 1%, respectively, in 2023.

The Internshala report for 2023 also provided noteworthy insights into internship structures. Surprisingly, only 3% of internships offered by Indian companies to students or job seekers included pre-placement offers based on interns’ outstanding performances. This selective approach reflects a discerning process adopted by Indian companies in their recruitment strategies, resulting in fewer layoffs.

Due to the widespread adoption of the work-from-home culture, a significant 48% of companies continued to embrace “Virtual internships” in 2023. On the other hand, the remaining 42% of internships maintained an in-office format, shedding light on companies’ commitment to training and enhancing productivity.

Furthermore, India’s internship landscape in 2023 revealed intriguing compensation structures. The average monthly stipend for internships offered by Indian companies in 2023 was Rs 8,000, with the maximum stipend reaching an impressive Rs 1.35 lakh per month.

Another noteworthy trend from the Internshala report was the city-wise breakdown of internship openings in India in 2023. Bengaluru, despite being renowned as the IT hub of the country, accounted for only 10% of the total internship openings offered by companies. In contrast, the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) emerged as the leader in this regard, claiming the lion’s share at 34% of the total internship openings last year. This was followed by Mumbai (16%), Pune (5%), and Hyderabad and Jaipur, each securing a 3% share.

Companies’ Selection Criteria for Interns

The Internshala report unveils the key criteria shaping companies’ hiring decisions, offering valuable insights for aspiring professionals.

In the realm of language prowess, verbal and spoken English proficiency takes center stage, appearing as a prerequisite in 15% of internships.

However, the internship landscape becomes even more intriguing as we delve into the tech arena. Specific technical skills, including MS Excel, social media marketing, and digital marketing, emerge as coveted assets, each commanding attention in 4% of internship requirements. The creative domain isn’t left behind, with skills like search engine optimization, creative writing, Adobe Photoshop, and MS Office carving their niche, each claiming 3% of internship demands.

In a noteworthy revelation, the Internshala report emphasizes a distinctive trend prevailing in Indian companies – where even if a student possesses the requisite technical, English, or writing skills, the academic degree holds significant weight.

In 2023, a significant 33% of intern applicants selected by companies held a Bachelor’s in Technology, highlighting the requirement of a minimum of a three or four-year college degree, such as B.Tech, for roles in technology companies. This also reflects an increasing number of engineering students looking for jobs in the market.

Additionally, 23% of the selected applicants for internship roles in 2023 were recent graduates, showcasing the appeal of fresh talent in India’s ever-evolving job market. Furthermore, 22% were third-year students, and 19% were fourth-year students. These insights into the selection criteria and educational backgrounds emphasize the specific skill sets and qualifications Indian companies prioritize when choosing interns. For prospective candidates seeking internship opportunities, these findings offer valuable guidance.

As you explore internship opportunities, how do you plan to leverage your unique skills and qualifications to stand out in the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your prospective employer? Let us know in the comment section below!


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