Facebook And The Upcoming Feature: The Talk Of The Town

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In planned efforts to fix itself, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) appears to be going into the endless unknown. Rigorous attempts to fill the void are failing to mollify some users.

We all know that we can’t delete messages from the recipient’s inbox, but Facebook reportedly did that for its executives, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The company surreptitiously retracted messages that Mark sent to some users on Messenger, reports TechCrunch. Anonymous sources have revealed that Facebook chats sent by Zuckerberg from years ago or older were missing from inboxes of some of both former employees and non-employees.

Facebook has retorted to this by saying that this was done for corporate security reasons and in full compliance with their legal obligations. Facebook has sought to protect its executives’ communications and prevent leaks of sensitive corporate information after the 2014 Sony email hack.

However, Facebook never made any kind of disclosures regarding removal of messages from users’ inboxes. The power of Facebook to tamper private messages of users has raised serious questions. The company is facing a lot of heat for appearing to give special privileges to its top executives. This has backfired on Facebook!

Facebook New Feature: The Face Saving Attempt

To avoid backlash, the company now planned to launch an ‘unsend‘ feature in next few months which will give all the Messenger users the ability to retract messages. Interestingly, Facebook said that Mark Zuckerberg and other executives won’t use unsend feature until everyone else can. Clearly, the company didn’t scramble to give everyone¬†unsend feature until forced. This information has come to light after Facebook disabled its search tool in a diligent effort to prevent misuse of data by hackers and cybercriminals. And now the company is planning to add this new tool after quietly retracting the messages of its top executive. This move is bound to make Facebook users nothing but more sceptical.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg seem to be covering up a gnarly situation with this new feature, and perhaps they are feeling the recoil now. None of the Facebook’s terms of service gives it the right to tamper with data from users’ account unless it violates company’s community standards. The largest social network’s ability to remove messages from users’ accounts can be alarming for 1.3 billion users of its Messenger app.

By accepting his faults and taking full responsibility of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is portraying to be a taskmaster, but the recent revelations and Facebook’s response on them have put a dark spot on the most popular social network. If Facebook’s security team believed that removing the messages would protect important corporate communications from breach by hackers, a disclosure seemed reasonable or merely delete messages from their side.

Facebook has not been transparent in its methods lately and this could have potentially negative consequences for users, first and then eventually for the Company. Next week, Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to testify before Congress about the recent data breach of 87 million Facebook users. Now the social media giant is facing increased scrutiny for its privacy issues.

Facebook’s continuous hassles in response to criticism have made its users wary. Though it overhauled its privacy settings and tightening regulations on data access following the data breach scandal, which might be a nifty move; but is it now breaching user trust?


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