Is Your Android Smartphone Secure From Hacking And Theft?

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Whether you are a wizard with your brand-new smartphone or not, there is a certain level of security that you are going to have to understand to keep information safe on your Android smartphone. Today, being connected to the internet poses a threat to the security of that device and any of the information that you have stored on it. With the growing dependency on a smartphone, it’s vital to safeguard your smartphone, which houses many sensitive personal and professional information.

While it’s a proven fact that your smartphone could be hacked without your knowledge, it’s essential to take all necessary steps to protect your device and information stored in it.

These tips are going to show you some simple ways that you can keep your information safe and not part of the next security breach.

Set Your Lock Code

All smartphones today have what is called a “lock screen”. This is sort of like a screensaver to your phone and there are many ways that you can secure your phone by using it. One way is by setting up a lock code. This is usually a 4-digit code that only you know and is required by anyone that is trying to get past the lock screen. This is the simplest form of security for your phone, but it is easy to setup and change when needed. Changing your lock screen code a few times per year adds more security to that phone as well.

Tracking Your Movements Online Is Not New

Just like when you used a browser on your computer to get around, the website you visited was tracking your behavior with cookies, but it was something you could disable if you wanted. Today, the same thing is happening on your mobile browser and that too can be turned off. If you enable “Do Not Track” on your web browser you are sending a nice message to the websites that you do not want your information tracked by them. Some people think this is no big deal, but if you know anyone with an online information security degree, they might tell you something different.

Install A “Find My Phone” App

There is only so much that you can do when you are trying to keep your phone and information safe from those that want it. When you have the phone on your person, these things are easy to keep in mind. The problem comes into play when you lose your phone. Now the phone is not in your possession and your information is also at risk. Many people store credit cards, phone numbers, addresses, and other sensitive data on their phone and it would be a gold mine in the wrong hands. Installing a “Find My Phone” application will at least give you a hint as to where you have left it.

It also gives you the option to wipe your data.

Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Can Be Bad

When you are out and about, away from home, it is a great idea to keep your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to a minimum. In fact, most information security professionals will suggest turning both off unless you are using them.

Here are four tips that you can do very easily, even if you are not totally familiar with your smart phone, which will help keep you, your phone, and the information on it safe from others. Good luck!


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