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Hackers Now Using Google Translate To Trick Internet Users

Cybercriminals are getting smarter with every passing day.This time, hackers are trying to lead internet users to phishing websites through Google Translate.Hackers and cybercriminals keep upping their game and coming up with newer, ingenious methods every now and then since internet users are more informed than ever before. They are now beginning to understand that sharing their OTPs, clicking...

Apple Servers Hacked: Authorises Keys To Validate Users Leaked

Apple servers hacked
The management of the world's most valuable company must be embarrassed enough for the incident that took place last year - Apple servers were hacked by a 16-year-old high school student.Apple servers, which are widely believed to be amongst the most secure servers in the world, were hacked by a teenage from Melbourne, Australia. The hacker downloaded 90GB...

Instagram Hacked: Millions Of Users Locked Out Of Their Account

instagram is hacked
First things first; Instagram is hacked!Millions of Instagram users across the world are suspecting about the possible hack of their Instagram account, possibly the result of so-called spam bot attack. In the last few hours, the number of complaints is rising as people are not able to log in again into their accounts after been logged out unintentionally. The situation...

Google Bug Bounty Program Awards Teen $36,000

Google bug bounty
Cyber-crime is one oft-repeated threat, which apparently doesn't seem like slowing down. However, the only defence to this threat is security vigilance and awareness. A quick way to test the corresponding security measures is by incorporating bug bounty programs which have been on the maps of several companies, for a long time now. Although not all bug bounty programs provide...

The Remote Hacking of Android Phones Is Possible By GLitch

remote hacking of Android phones
Android's vulnerability is not something unfathomable. Despite, security researchers have finally discovered an effective way to hijack an Android phone remotely through a nearly four-year-old hacking technique known as 'Rowhammer'. On Thursday, researchers from Vusec research group published a paper that unveils how the Rowhammer exploit, dubbed as GLitch, leverages embedded GPUs to remotely execute malicious code in Android...

Hackers Accessed Casino’s High-Roller Database Through A Fish Tank

IoT Security
In the era of mobile devices and the internet, the increasing dependency of businesses on emerging technologies is not surprising enough. Companies are not shying from employing next-generation technologies to safeguard their business and their customers. Despite all such measures, the incidents of hacking where hackers make use of the same security systems to break into the business keep...

Is Your Android Smartphone Secure From Hacking And Theft?

smartphone security
Whether you are a wizard with your brand-new smartphone or not, there is a certain level of security that you are going to have to understand to keep information safe on your Android smartphone. Today, being connected to the internet poses a threat to the security of that device and any of the information that you have stored on...

The Leaked Source Code of Windows 10 Could Cause Serious Damages to the OS Users

leaked source code of Windows 10
Last week was a nightmare for the top executives of the world's largest software company Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT). In a shocking incident, a chunk of the source code of Windows 10 was leaked online. The data, which consisted of non-public installation image and software blueprints, was made available for anyone to download from betaarchive.com.Initially, the potential of the leaked...

It’s High Time to Protect Your Online Privacy With A VPN Service!

online privacy VPN service
Not many internet users would have been happy to know that the FCC privacy protection has been repealed by the U.S President, Donald Trump, last month in April. The cancellation of FCC will now enable internet service providers, commonly known as ISPs, to compete with Facebook and Google in the online advertising as they can collect, share, and sell...

A Major Loophole in WhatsApp Allows Hackers to Take Over Your Account

whatsapp hacking
A recent finding by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. throws light on how susceptible messaging apps are to hacking and data theft. The discovery by Check Point, mentioning especially Whatsapp and Telegram, which contain a critical security flaw in their end-to-end message encryption process. This makes both their online platforms – WhatsApp Web and Telegram Web - vulnerable to...

Your Wifi Signals Are Leaking Your Password And Other Sensitive Information

Cyber attack is a potential threat to every internet user. The technology that facilitates connectivity on-the-go, also makes it easy for hackers to infringe data security. A recent demonstration by a group of researchers from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the University of South Florida, and the University of Massachusetts at Boston, revealed a new technique that can reveal...

When Google Pixel Phone Got Hacked Within a Minute

google pixel phone hack
Smartphones are an integral part of our day to day activities and carry valuable and private information. Thus, safety and security are of utmost concern for smartphone brands. At the PwnFest hacking competition in Seoul, South Korea, Google paid $120,000 (approx. Rs 84 Lakh) to the ethical hackers who humiliated Google by hacking the recently launched Google Pixel smartphone...

Millions of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! Email Accounts Hacked: A Reason to Panic?

Google Microsoft Yahoo accounts hack
Security of billions of internet user's personal information has always been a major concern for stakeholders. In a recent shocking revelation, 272.3 million email accounts were reportedly stolen and  being traded in Russia’s criminal underworld, a security expert has reported Reuters. Tough, a majority of email service providers have enhanced the security for their customers over the years, yet...

IRCTC Website Not Hacked, But 10 Mn Customers Data Up For Sale [UPDATED]

IRCTC website hacked
Indian Railways and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is facing strenuous time to manage the safety and security of its online ticket booking website www.irctc.co.in. Earlier in the day many media publications jumped the gun to report about the possible hack of Indian Railways and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website. However, the official later denied the claim, albeit accepted that the personal Information...

Truecaller Database Hacked: Syrian Army Claims The Responsibility

This is probably another one of the biggest hacking in the world. Truecaller – world’s largest digital phone directory -  is again in this news and for all wrong reason this time. Syrian hackers illegitimately managed to by-pass security of Truecaller servers and get away atleast 1 million users contact database, including their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Gmail IDs.Though...

55% Internet Users Keep Their Online Security On Toss By Applying Same Password [STUDY]

Cyber Crime is a flourishing business when scams and spam emails are growing in score with each passing day. Not only news comers but internet savvy users too are risking their online identity by applying same password on most – if not all - of the websites they visit regularly. According to the latest study, done by Ofcom, the...

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