Brand Reputation Conference 2015: You Just Can’t Miss It !

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Regardless of what one may earn, the one thing all of us yearn for is respect. How others perceive us and what we are known for, drives the kind of relationships that we establish with our peers and well-wishers. This is true for professional outfits and identities as well. How we develop, monitor, and protect our brand has become increasingly important to be distinguished and valued.

Until recently brands had largely been considered ‘intangible’ concepts and their worth could be only determined through the evident change in the numbers on their balance sheets.  Today, the net worth of a brand is more dependent on the ‘goodwill’ it has gathered and the positivity it has achieved in the market than the money it makes. Consider the examples of startups having practically no revenue or profits earning valuations that reach unimagined worth.This ‘love of the people’ component plays an increasing role in keeping organizations honest and forcing them to take definitive actions, rather than simply making promises. The success or failure of any company to deliver on the promise of value, differentiation, relevance, and perceived usefulness it makes to its consumers, defines their brand reputation.

As Brian Koslow, author, master coach and professional speaker, puts it aptly:

There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast.

A favorable brand reputation means consumers trust the company, and feel good about purchasing its goods or services. As much as it takes to build that confidence and faith among consumers, the responsibility to maintain it and grow it is indispensable. Even the tiniest of slips, could lead to the brand getting damaged. And considering the rise of social media and burgeoning internet adoption, it has become easier for goodwill or mistrust to spread and affect any brand in seconds, thus either raising their prospects of success or the hazards of a slump.

The active focus of DazeInfo has always been supporting brands and businesses to better understand their consumers and prospects and take definitive actions based upon actionable insights towards improvising on their offerings for them. DazeInfo’s passion for market intelligence has been loud and clear all throughout. Using it to channel resources for optimal benefit of your business growth through analysis of industry-based news, reports and research-based initiatives is not just known, but also cherished by brands and media such as Forbes, Business Insider, USAToday, TechCrunch, Mashable and the sorts.

To reiterate the importance of how essential Brand Reputation is to your business, we have invited Alok Goel, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Venture Capital Investor, who has successfully developed and exited two flourishing startups RedBus and FreeCharge. And to diversify the perspective we have also invited Atul Manohar, the Director of User Experience at Informatica, specializing in product innovation, UX design and data visualization and few other renowned brands advisor. If you wish to be there and make the most of the opportunity, apply for invites right here and you could be sipping cocktails with these stalwarts of success.

Brand Reputation Conference 2015

Date: 24 June 2015

Venue: Hotel Capitol, Bangalore

Apply For A Pass

If you are willing to attend the conference, please submit your request for a Pass using the below form. If your seat is confirmed, we shall contact you back in the next 48 hours.

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