Disturbing RAW Images And Video Of Malaysia Flight Crash #MH17: Social Media On Rampage

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Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) is flooded with condolence tweets, images and video of the Malaysia Flight crash in Ukraine, took place just a few hours back from now. People around the world are hitting to their system only to educate themselves more about the incident and ending up with tears, sorrow and condolences for 270 passenger and 15 crew members who were travelling on Boing 777 MH17 flight. Unfortunately, reports are claiming that they all on board have died.

The ill-fated flight was reportedly shot down over Ukraine by terrorists operating bulk surface-to-air missile system, as claimed by the Ukrainian Interior Minister on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB). The Malaysian Flight MH17 was bound for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Amsterdam.

Malaysian Airline MH17 Crash

The incident has triggered restlessness among people across the world, who have got immediate access to few raw images and videos of crashed Malaysia Flight MH17 though social networking channels, especially twitter and Facebook.

In the first two hours since the news broke out Twitter has got a little over 425,000 tweets about the incident, while Facebook is recording about similar trend from its 800 million daily active users. On both the leading social networking sites #MH17, Malaysian Airlines are trending at the top since the news broke out.

The prime hashtag #MH17 of the event reached to 55.10 million unique twitter users and generated 395.76 million impressions within first 5 hours from the event took place. We tracked the event’s main hashtag #MH17 for first five hours and witnessed an explosive rise on Twitter.

Most of the tweeps who tweeted about the event with a reference url to a site, image or video referred to twitter.com url, followed by bbc.in and youtube.com. This clearly shows that images are still much more popular than video among internet and social media users. More interestingly, among all the tweets with hashtag #MH17, only 19.9% tweets carried original post while 79.1% tweets were just retweets. Nearly 1% tweets were replied.

Android emerged as the top platform for these tweets; 39.8% of tweets with #MH17 were done using Android devices, followed by 24.4% iPhone and 5.2% iPad. This brings Apple’s mobile devices share to 29.6%, but still way below than Android. Nearly 21.2% tweets with #MH17 were done through Desktop.

These statics are bound to change as the time will pass by. More and more people will be engaged with the news and social media engagement is poised to grow up.

Though, it’s not immediately clear if these hashtags are racing against the top record on Twitter and Facebook, the number of retweets and reshare are multiplying with each passing minute.

One of the important reasons of such explosive attention on social media is unedited, uncensored raw video of Malaysian Airlines MH17 that was captured just a moment after the crash. The images of crashed MH17 with dead bodies and debris is being shared on all the social media networks restlessly. Though, some of the social media users are finding it amusing and urged people to refrain from sharing such disturbing visuals in their network, social media users are on a rampage to criticize Malaysian Airlines, Russia and Ukraine by tagging their text with such images.

Here are some of the popular, but disturbing, images of Malaysia Airline MH17 crash making rounds over the internet.



  1. JohnOsborne kuppenskup Angelfireandice I like how all you taigs missed the point of his post. No wonder Americans are looked at as idiots.

  2. kuppenskup Angelfireandice
    Well said kuppenskup well said This has nothing to do with America i Its an absolute disgrace that the Ukraine and Russia cant put their hands up and say yes we did it but not only that they are robbing the dead of their belomgings in the name of their so called war while those poor people are laying dead in fields and rooftops the so called big  men of pro Russia are going through their suitcases and and desecrating their bodies It makes me furious !! Russia is to blame here Not the US and all the  US haters need to get a grip !!

  3. Angelfireandice Because the world reacts only when something happens to the well heeled class. 50 poor people die or 5 soldiers die, no one gives a fk. 20 tourists die is a big thing. Also, here the number was far larger. Again, these bodies fell from a height of several 1000 feet. That is like falling from a top several burj khalifa’s or petronas. Horrible way to die. But this deserves so much attention because they were peaceful, innocent tourist who had NOTHING to do with ukraine/russia or war. They did not sign up for this. People in middle east themselves carry AK 47 and rocket launchers as if they are toys. They are up for violence. I truly regret each life lost in the Middle east too. But they are in already in the middle of a war waging territory or war prone area. I am not including UAE or Qatar where such things almost never happen. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran…have had many battles..so people expect and then too their bodies are not jettisoned from several 1000 feet after being blown up. Whats with Russia and those rebels, have they lost their sanity ?! Launching a missile at a commercial airliner.

  4. Angelfireandice 
    Yeah Sure go ahead and blame the united states for everything.  Funny you mention women & children getting killed in the middle east but you dont mention the 3000 people that were killed on Sept 11th.  God forbid  you mention them.  This is Just another reason for you  to hate America and put the blame on the U.S.A even though they had nothing to do with it.  Oh and btw how come you dont mention the children in Syria being poisoned by their leader with gas?  That’s what pisses me off, how come nothing was done about that.  The world leaders should have gotten together and kick the presidents ass out of Syria. But I Guess that’s America’s fault also right!  Funny how People always blame the USA for things but when something bad in the world happens who is the first country to come to their aid?  No matter who it is.  It sure as hell Aint people in the middle east!

  5. Really?  This in military terms is called collateral damage.  It is no different than the US sending drones to bomb women and children in the Middle East.  It will always happen in war.  I don’t like it, I oppose war but it is what it is.  I cannot understand why this outrage is any different from the rest of the outrages  that happen everyday around the world.  Maybe it make people feel better to be outraged but it’s basically a big joke.  Like, this killing of 300 innocent people is a bigger outrage than killing 300 in the Middle East trying to hit one member of the Taliban.  Happens all the time.


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