Price Of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India Is Well Set to Diffuse Apple iPhone 5S: Micromax Not In The Game!

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Samsung has finally announced the price of another flagship galaxy device Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India, along with its much-awaited SmartWatch Galaxy gear. The Korean electronics giant has price-tagged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with whopping Rs. 49,990/- and Galaxy Gear with Rs.22,990. Both the devices will be available on shelves for sales from September 25, 2013 in India.

Samsung first introduced Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear at IFA event early this month. Galaxy Note 3 is priced at $700 (off-contract) in the US while Galaxy Gear is up for sales at $229.


To make Indian users have hands-on experience, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – an upgraded version of Galaxy Note 2, launched last year – will be available in 100 stores across Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai from today.

Sensing Apple iPhone 5S

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, though, falls under larger screen smartphone category known as Phablet, It could set a competition for recently launched Apple iPhone 5S that sports 4-inch screen. However, considering the price points, the offered price of Galaxy Note 3 stays quite close to projected price of iPhone 5S in India. This creates an interesting, rather confusing, scenario for users that have deep pockets and are willing to upgrade themselves.

It’s highly implausible to assume that in a price sensitive country like India, masses will react to such overwhelming launch. Galaxy Note 3 could look convincing for those who are already holding Note or Note 2, but situation will be a real devastating for Apple to convince users to shell out almost the same amount for a rather smaller screen size smartphone – unless one is tend to buy an ‘iPhone’ not a ‘Smartphone’.

Micromax: Just Forget About That

A recent report over Smartphone market in India Q2 2013, claimed that Micromax, with 22% smartphone market share, is closely trailing behind Samsung. Besides, Micromax has started portraying itself as No 1 smartphone vendor in India by early November this year, leapfrogging Samsung that enjoys 26% of Smartphone market share in India.

There could be no challenge to Micromax’s claim, thanks to entry level Smartphone market and first time Smartphone users who are more fascinated towards bigger screen, high resolution camera and more storage space at a very competitive price. Yes, this is denting Samsung’s market in India as the Korean giant is apparently more focused on Smartphones that fall between the price ranges of 15k to 30K.

Micromax’s majority of sales is grooming at the cost of Nokia and Samsung’s entry-level smartphone market, priced less than 15k. But this shift in mobile handset is heading towards ‘No Micromax’ zone. The smartphone adoption is growing parallel to users’ understanding of features, apps and usage of device. This is resulting in a trend that could be well defined as a ‘gradual growth to perfection’. For a short term Micromax could take a leap, but eventually its Samsung that’s controlling the matured smartphone market. Smartphone users’ shift is on the path to maturity from entry level via exploration; And, Micromax is at exploration level. Users graduates from entry level to exploration to Maturity but the trend has never been upside down. Therefore, it’s evident that people who are ditching feature phone (read Nokia) today for Micromax, will do the same with Micromax for Samsung once they will graduate with Smartphone usage. And that that time they will find ‘No Micromax” in the zone as far as they decide to stay loyal to Android.

The possibilities of Micomax jumping into Rs 20k+ club is equally high but its will be difficult to say that Indian Smartphone giant could eat into Korean’s plate, considering a very first effort- in the form of Canvas 4- didn’t pay off.


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