Does Your CEO Really Care About Your Company’s Social Media Reputation? [Infographic]

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Though the title looks quite weird, it’s worth to pen that only 28% CEOs consider their companies’ social media reputations when they make business decisions, while over 36% (nearly 1/3rd) of the CEOs fail to consider – a survey notes.

Generally, B2B companies do consider and respond to reputation crises than their B2B counterparts.70% of B2C CEOs frequently consider social media reputation whereas, 57% of CEOs frequently consider social media reputation as far as B2B companies are considered. Only 45% of B2B executives consider their firm could respond to a negative post within 24hrs compared to 63% of B2C.

B2C companies are prepared to respond more quickly to online audiences in a crisis. B2B companies are less likely to engage online in a crisis.  B2B executives are twofold (13%) as likely to say that their firm would not engage an audience online to defend their reputation, compared to 6% of B2C executives.

Interestingly, fluctuation in attitude towards social media reputation was directly proportional to company’s size. 71% of the large company (more than 10,000 employees) CEOs always or sometimes considers their company’s social media reputation, compared to 55% of small companies (with less than 10,000 employees). The tendency to ignore social media reputation is more prominent in small firms which signals 45% chances to rarely or never considered in decision-making, compared to 29 percent of larger firms.

Similarly, when looking at company size by revenue,with 63% — majority of the largest firms (with revenue of $10 billion or more) say that they could react within 24 hrs, in contrast to 42% of smaller firms (less than $5 billion in revenue) while, larger firms are also more probable to respond quickly to a damaging issue online.

Overall study implies that there is still much opportunity to introduce the concept of social media reputation into the C-suite. From the study it is depicted that many organizations are missing opportunities to either progress their reputations or to defend them.

To see where CEOs stand on social media reputation, take a look at this Infographic:


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