iPad Is Dominating On iPhone In Terms Of ‘Conversion Rate’: Should Marketers Focus More On iPad Than iPhone ?

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We have already discussed about online shopping through mobile devices during first 41 days of this holiday season. As number of Smartphone and Tablet is ramping up, marketers are more willing to invest on mobile ad campaigns. However, users’ engagement on the iOS platform is quite more than other platforms, especially in comparison to Android. This is the main reason why marketers are more focused on iOS platform compare to some other.

According to a new data from Screen Pages, gathering information from collection of websites during the period 1st-15th December, the conversion rate across 16 selected websites was 4.81%, a healthy proportion.

In internet marketing, the term conversion rate is often being used, the term signifies the proportion of potential visitors to a website performing desired actions (go beyond a casual content view or website visit) such as buying a product, filling the form and more. In simple words, if there are 100 visitors to a specific web page (via pay per click ad), and of these, just one visitor buys the product. Then, conversion rate for the particular ad (through which user go to the particular page) is one percent.

During the period December 1-15, iPads alone generated 13.3% mobile web traffic, while iPhones accounted for 6.9%. However, in terms of conversion ratio, desktops led over other mobile devices with 5.41%, followed by iPads and iPhones with 4.16% and 1.3% respectively.

conversion rate on iPhone

It’s estimated that iPads account for 55% of mobile commerce, followed by iPhone with 29% and Android devices with 13%. It’s clear that one Tablet generates four times more traffic than a Smartphone. At the end of Q1 this year, Smartphones accounted for 6.1% of site visits, compared to 4.3% on Tablets. It’s not surprising why Smartphone still dominate in terms of site visits. The reason is quite obvious that the penetration of Tablet is still quite lower than that of Smartphone’s.

Due to wider audience reachability, Smartphone is dominating over Tablet in terms of average order values (AOV). In this context, both iPhone ($97.49) and Android devices ($97.16) drive higher average orders compare to the iPad ($96.80).

iPhone leads on average order valueAlthough, iPad is winning in terms of conversion rate, but iPhone is still most significant product of Apple. The company reported 5 million pre-orders for iPhone 5 within three days of its availability, and sold more almost 27 million iPhones during the last quarters. According to another report, the iPhone 5 is going to make a staggering impact on the U.S. economy in 2012. Sales of iPhone 5 alone could boost the entire U.S. economy by up to half percent.

At the time, more than 50% of Americans own Smartphone, and there are more than 1 billion Smartphones in the world. On the other side, the demand of low-priced Tablets are continuously increasing day-over-day. Thanks to Google Nexus 7 , Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and other affordable media Tablets, which are boosting global Tablet adoption. At present, a slew of Tablets is available in the market at very affordable, and the penetration of the device is expected to mount up in forthcoming years. Apparently, it would be a great hearsay for marketers in order to achieve high conversion rate. And also, as number of Tablets will increase, marketers would also have a opportunity to achieve their ‘average order value’ target through the device.


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