Obsessed Of Angry Birds – Now Play It On Bigger Non-Touch Screen Devices !

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How many times have you seen your friends, relatives or even in-house kids holding a touch screen mobile device – only to play most fanatical game ever, known as Angry Birds? Interestingly, the game is not only popular among kids and youth; there are matured professionals who are obsessed with the game as smartphone is gaining more and more popularity and people are distancing from feature phones.

Currently, Angry Birds is available on almost all major OSs but ‘significantly’ limited to touch screen devices. Just in the time when people are all over with Angry Birds with small screen / mouse experience, here comes a super cool external USB controller that allows Angry Birds fans to play the game on their computer – or even bigger screens – just the way they control any other high-graphics 3D game by external remote controllers. The external USB dongle intelligently controls the Angry Birds environment through a slingshot irrespective of angel, power or any of inherited features.

An intelligent Angry Birds External USB controller – developed by Hideakimatsui and Andre Spitz – allows you to create seamlessly controlled environment to play and enjoy. Here is the video of the new controller which showcases how exactly one can recreate the charm of playing Angry Birds on bigger screen. Really, a superb intelligence with great creativity !



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