Leveraging Unified Platform, Ice Cream Sandwich Surpasses 7% Of Total Android Market Share

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Google has recently released  ‘a pie chart and table’ for penetration of different Android versions among its overall mobile operating system market share. The search engine giant investigated all access of ‘Google Play’ through Android devices within 14 days period ending on June 1 of this year. After dun outset, Ice Cream Sandwich is now holding 7.1% of the global Android market share, while Honeycomb has succeeded to manage just 2.7% of share. Gingerbread is still dominating with 64.6% of Android total market share, on the contrary, market share of ‘Froyo’ is continuously declining and it has reached to 19.1%, down 1.8% since May of this year.

However, Ice Cream Sandwich version had just 1% of Android market share till February of this year, grew to 2.9% till the April and reached to 4.9% in May of this year. In May, Android’s Gingerbread version grabbed 63.9% of its market share. Undoubtedly, Gingerbread is continuously dominating over Android’s rest of versions, up 0.7% in June of this year compare to the prior month.

Android has always failed to contend Apple’s iOS in the Tablet segment–which seems from its Honeycomb version. The market share of Honeycomb is substantially decreasing month-over-month, down from 3.3% of Android market share in May of this year to 2.7% till June 1 of this year.

A significant number of Android Ice Cream Sandwich powered devices are yet to be launched later this year. The main quality of the OS is that it unifies both (Tablet and Smartphone) platforms unlike Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Apparently, users seem anorexegenic to adopt Honeycomb this time and it has benefited ICS to be proliferated around the world. I think, the launch of Samsung Galaxy SIII model could be a stronghold for the worldwide proliferation of Android Ice Cream version. Previously, I have described that Samsung has got a pre-orders of 9 million Galaxy SIII model since its unveil at ‘London Event’ on May 3 of this year. I have also mentioned a list of Ice Cream Sandwich devices, expected to come later this year. We might expect a greater penetration of Android Ice Cream Sandwich around the world in the forthcoming months.



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