Developers Are Indeed Highly Frustrated To Work On Android Platform: [Report]

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Previously, we have discussed a lot about why developers are more preferring to work on iOS platform rather than Android? There is a very simple reason that fragmentation of Android has frustrated developers to work on this platform. Developers prefer a unified platform where they need not require too much of testing. That’s why, among mobile programmers’ priority list, the demand of Android is gradually declining, while Web apps are on the way to make more grab.  Citing to a firm Appcelerator–maker of cross-platform programming tools–, a news portal CNet has reportedly stated that how the inclination of developers are continuously varying quarter-wise. According to the report, the interest of developers to do programming for Android phones declined to 78.6% in second quarter ending this year from 83.3% a quarter before. Likewise, 65.9% developers are interested to program for Android Tablets, down from 68.1% a quarter ago. Apple sustained its dignity, 89% of developers were more likely to do programming for iPhones, however, interest of developers had also declined along this platform from 91% a quarter ago, while, in the case of iPads, it remained as usual.

Before programming on Android platform, developers need to have lots of parameters in their mind such as size of screen, features size and even the color of the screen (that manufacturers have put on the top of devices). only 37% of developers are more likely to work on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, while, just 16% on BlackBerry.

The demand of Web applications had been  gradually increasing till the survey time and reached to 67% in the last quarter. Basically, web apps are being built with the technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript– that can easily run on  a browser engine. Now, web apps have become a big challenge for Google fragmented apps.


According to the report, 6% of respondent said that they were  more likely to develop their entire app with HTML5 code,  while, a much larger 72% respondent planned a hybrid methodology (wrap native interface around an apps).

It’s pretty clear that the plunged in users’ interest towards Android platform might disappointed to Google.  Definitely, it’s the time for the company to think about developers demand.

via: CNET


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