Google Is Heading Towards Possible Blackout In India After China ?

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What if tomorrow morning you woke up only to find that Google closed?  Imagine the whole entire monstrosity that is The Big G was no longer online. Through, done, finish. Good-bye Google. What would you do? Would you still work online? Would you still make your sites the same way? Would you still type your posts the same way? Would you survive with non-conventional job ? OR will you dump your current employer only to find the best alternate of Google who has been solving your 50% professional challenges ?

The Government of India has moved a step closer act tough on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, with the latest stand – Goggle turns back to Indian Government – to counter Government decision , Google seems to be marching much faster towards ‘The End’ in India.

The drama started with Indian government’s sudden attentiveness over the flowing contents on Internet majors. Cabinet Minister and avid politician “Kapil Sibal” acted upon the row immediately and held a ‘failed’ meeting with the top executives of Google, Facebook, Yahoo and few others who have got significant influential capability on India’s 100+ million internet users’  community. Following to embarrassment, Government has started trying all cheeky tricks in order t create pressure. Unfortunately nothing is proving fatal for any of the companies and now government has reached to its extreme level by announcing to face possible ban on such sites in the similar manner as already done in China if they fail to abide by the rules.

China’s Internet filtering and censorship in 2010 had caused real economic harm, Compelling China to justify every blockage had dampen its enthusiasm to impose such measures in a massive way. The economic threat was real. Internet related commerce is already in the Billions and growing rapidly. Restricting the free flow of information has serious repercussions especially in the US. – Home to the world’s leading companies involved in online communication, information, information exchange and digital commerce.

But the another big question is here; is it possible to ban Google in India-  A country that get billions of dollars every year from IT and millions of people are dependent on the jobs coming from same sector.  Platforms like Google which has not only been penetrated deep into the roots of this country but also constitute the best common platforms of opinion sharing and thought exchange. Google has gone much beyond a generic search engine formula and act as a second brain for all IT professionals. The pool of information Google has got, there is no alternative to dive-in atleast in near future.

The other important aspect which – for sure – government will pay attention will be Google’s stand post to possible back-out of it search network in India. None of the country in this world can ever force a company to run its services – in spite of all bums and burns. If Google decides to hit back with ‘complete black-out’ of its services in India, undoubtedly, it will shack the whole IT industry of India. Google’s corporate services like Google Mail, Online advertisement business, industry analytic services, Internet Webmasters services and many more have got immense impact inside India and is worth million dollars business. 39% of the employees in India are connected to work through Google and its services. In that scenario, how government will deal with such paralyzed situation.

However, opting out of India will definitely not be that easy even for Google. A $200+ million Indian business just can’t be thrown for toss in restless manner or attitude. Defiantly, Google will think 10 times ( if not 100) before stamping a decision to stay away from Indian market. But such aggressive stand and approach needs well planned and well executed strategy in place. Its almost next to impossible for a company whose 90% business ( I discounted Android) runs on Internet – to deny welcome business from a country which is the second largest in population and third largest in terms of Internet users as well as in social media.

On the other hand, India is also known for its intense engagement and loyalty among people ( or rather in politicians towards their supremos). Don’t be surprise to see censored Google as a result of an effort to woo ‘big bosses’ by their close associates who can pull the trigger without evaluating the damages. No matter what you and me think – and how – for such associates their “head-honchose” need to be protected at ‘any cost’.

A recent announcement from another social network, micro-blogging platform Twitter has jolted the stand of Internet majors. Now government may speak the tune with a case study which sounds bitter and unconventional. As Google has decided to take Indian government head-to-head, it would be interesting to see which one will manage to sit on its bump finally.

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what do you feel friends ? Do you think that Google can ever be blocked in India ? do let us now your views in comment section below !



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