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Ola Cabs Banned: No More Ola Cabs On Roads In Karnataka [UPDATED]

Ola Cabs Banned
First thing first; Ola Cabs banned in Karnataka for six months.The eight-year-old cab aggregator startup is banned from operating in the Karnataka. According to the latest directive by the Transport Department of Karnataka, the license of ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd, a legal entity behind Ola Cabs, has been revoked for a duration of six months due to the violation...

The Ban On Apple In China Could Bring A Fortune For Huawei

china bans apple iphone
When Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) declared its financial results for the last calendar quarter of 2018, it was clearly highlighted that mainland China was on the driving seat. Nearly 20% of Apple’s total revenue in Q4 2017 - also called fiscal Q1 2018 - came from China. It was the highest ever revenue contribution from China. Tim Cook was thrilled...

Can Huawei Afford To Lose The US Market, And Has The Last Laugh?

huawei banned in the US
The US-China trade battle is escalating once again and now it has reached a level of hurting the global tech industry. In the latest development, Huawei, the Chinese Telecommunication giant, has met with a major roadblock in the US market. The US Government is now extending its efforts to thwart China's high-tech ambitions. The US regulators are reportedly prohibiting...

240 Websites Offering Escort Services in India Are Banned !

websites ban india
In an act to kerb the rising number of escort services, Indian Government has put a ban on 240 websites that offered escort services in India. An expert panel working under the Ministry of Home Affairs had recommended the ban of the websites citing the complaints from anguished people over the thriving market. According to a source, the majority of...

Google Street View Banned in India Following the Security Concerns

Google Street View banned
Citing the security concerns Indian Government has decided to ban Google street view service. The move was attributed to the fact that Street view may compromise the country’s security.The decision was taken unanimously by the technical committee of defence ministry comprising of the officials from Military Intelligence, Army, Navy, Indian Air Force and Intelligence Bureau according to the Hindu. “The main concern...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone Heading Towards Possible Ban In China!

China has a history of banning world’s leading tech companies in the country; In case of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) the only difference is it’s not done yet, but apparently its heading towards the same faith. In a recent development, Chinese media have accused Apple iPhone for being a threat for the national security because of its ability to track...

Google Is Heading Towards Possible Blackout In India After China ?

What if tomorrow morning you woke up only to find that Google closed?  Imagine the whole entire monstrosity that is The Big G was no longer online. Through, done, finish. Good-bye Google. What would you do? Would you still work online? Would you still make your sites the same way? Would you still type your posts the same way?...

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