Apple’s Aggressive Strategy Towards Its Retail Stores And Devices Shipment

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Apple established its retail store in 2001 and dealt with computers and consumers electronics. The retail stores comprise the sale of PC, iPads, iphones, software, iPods, third-party accessories, and others consumers electronics such as Apple TV. Apple retail store had outstandingly performed in “black Friday” and “Christmas Holiday” last year. A recent earning report has stated that 110 million people visited an Apple retail store in Q1, which has broken down the previous figure of 22,000 customers visit per Apple store per week.

The Apple’s retail store has contributed $6.1 billion in the company’s quarterly revenue this year, and also, it has broken down the previous revenue’s record of over $17 million, coming each of the company’s 358 retails store. Apple’s CFO–Peter Oppenheimer—has stated that the significant increment of iPhone and iPad’s sales has augmented the revenue of the retail store.

Beside Apple’s retail store, the company has also around 130,000 points of sale in the world and the company is continually adding new points of distribution. China has become the company’s second largest market after US and it’s the big triumph for the company.

Recently, Apple sold a record 37.04 million iPhone devices in the Q1 of 2012, and has marked unprecedented 128% growth compare to the same quarter a year ago. Beside this, iPhone 4S has become one of the most popular Smartphone ever produced by the company. However, over 4 million iPhone 4S were sold in three days just after its launched on October 14, last year. The iPhone 4S has become a desire of the folks and it has eaten heavily to the Android coveted market share in last two-three months. Verizon has confirmed that it had sold 4.2 million iPhone in fiscal Q4last year.

The sales of iPhone dropped during the Q4 last year due to the speculation of iPhone 5’s release. But the performance of iPhone in holiday session has incredibly boosted the company’s total Smartphone sales in Q1 of this year. In addition to iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS is also worth considering. However, iPhone 3GS sold by AT&T for free on a 2-year contract, was really miserable for Penny pinching consumers who want to taste Apple’s technologies at the nominal price.



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