Grow Plan: An Alternative Of Facebook Page’s Discussion Tab

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In last few days, due to intense competition from other social media majors, Facebook had introduced several changes, but many of such features didn’t get expected appreciation from users. Few days’ earlier company had announced, it will remove Discussion Tab from the pages by the end of October. Today an online community tool “Get Satisfaction” has entered as the latest third-party, to offer an alternative of discussion tab known as “Grow Plan”.

As per the offer, brand manager of different companies need to shell out $49 per month to purchase Get Satisfaction’s  “Grow Plan” . The features offered under “Grow Plan” includes:

  • The ability for user to search by topic, which will eliminate repetition of questions;
  • Facebook discussion content will be indexed by all search engines, and can be shared via Twitter and companies websites.
  • Brand manager can identify advocates and encourage more participation as well as well as peer-to-peer support.

Facebook has included large photos as a remedy for discussion tab and it had pushed brands to use the wall for communication with the users of the social network. Below are the four reasons – produced by Get Satisfaction – why we can’t use wall as an acceptable solution:

  • Wall has no Structure: No matter who adds a post on the wall, whether it’s a question or complaint, all of these types of posts have the same weight on the wall. This results in a disorganized stream of post without any context.
  • Wall is not persistent and achievable: When anyone asks a question on the wall, we have to answer it. That’s Great. But if number of posts on the front page of the wall increases continuously, then it might become hard – to – navigate. And if the same question is asked for multiple times and each time you need to answer, it becomes difficult to handle . It might irritate users by seeing same question multiple times and they might opt to leave the brand page.
  • Wall posts can crowd out marketing and public relations messages: Marketing team of an organization has a complete marketing plan, but due to immense  post on the fan pages the message of launch was pushed off. Which derails the plans and dilute the results.
  • Open seasons for trolls: Some people have enough time and are ill-mannered. The wall of Facebook has poor moderation capabilities, which encourages trolls and other internet maniac to pollute the fan page either by confusing users or by posting some unwanted things, which might influence the users. They may choose to cut-off from the fan pages. Which may affect the image of  brand and also creates negative impact of the brands in the mind of fans.

 Get Satisfaction has advised the page managers to keep the product discussion as back up for future reference. It has counted several companies in its list like Walmart, Pampers, and Adobe who are current using the service.

Below Image provide clear view about get satisfaction”Grow Plan”:

What’s your views friend? Whether Facebook is sufficient or we should use these types of products? Is Discussion tab that worthy to focus ?


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