Hotmail New Update Allows You to Browse Inside the Inbox

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How many times have you struggled to open a website link which comes as a part of your email text? If not, try now. Trust, most of us need to pass through some time delay and probably some technical glitch as such click fires a trigger to open a new browser window which, perhaps, can conflict with active applications on your system. Realizing the pain of such tedious methodology to open webs-links in email, hotmail is rolling out a complete new platform – Active Views – which lets you to browse websites inside your email without leaving your hotmail Inbox.

According to a research, conducted by Hotmail, an average person receives more than 200 emails per week ( outside the work) which takes extra time to go through all the emails. About 70% people feel that following the website links, come inside email text, kill much of their time and simply push them for productivity loss.

Though, Java Script can be used to run such links to view the website inside the email but this calls higher chance of malicious activities on your computer and there was no way to run such script in an isolate environment before. With the new Active Views technology, hotmail not only solve the problem of productivity but also ensures the safe and reliable ecosystem inside your email while surfing website, explains ‘Dick Craddok” on Windows Live Blog. Here is an interactive view which explains the benefits and usability of Active Views platform.


Just to understand, now people can visit a website inside your email without actually calling any new browser window request. People can surg in hunt for a new job or book a movie ticket from Orbitz without leaving the Inox. However, this feature is not applicable for all the websites. To ensure the security of your email and have safe browsing experience through your Inbox, hotmail is partnering with various websites in phases. Starting from this week, Orbitz and will be the first two partners which can be surfed inside your email.

Hotmail is also committed to sync with more partners like LInkedin and Netflix in coming days. Hotmail also claims that talks are on with few email service providers like Responsys who are taking the advantage of Active View platform for their clients, like Orbitz.

Apparently, Active Views platform is a great feature which will provide far better interaction methodology with website via emails. The success of such platform is completely based on the fact that how many partners get associated with this or how frequent hotmail can add websites to this platform.



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