The Latest Google Chrome Update Is The Largest In Years, And Users Must Pay Attention To It

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After having several zero-day vulnerabilities patched recently, Chrome has now gotten a huge performance makeover, and Google is calling it the ‘largest update’ the browser has gotten in years!

Matt Waddell, Director of Product for Google Chrome, in a blog, said that they have made multiple optimizations and tweaks under the hood which has enhanced the browser’s efficiency on several fronts.

What’s in store for users? Let’s find out.

Reduced CPU Usage

Chrome version 87 will use 5x less CPU memory because it will mainly be prioritizing your active tab over all others open in the background. Google, based on their internal benchmarks, believes due to the lower CPU usage the new Chrome browser will also extend battery life by a whopping 1.25 hours.

To achieve this, the tech giant has used JaavaScript throttling while making sure they don’t sacrifice the essential background features such as playing music and videos or getting notifications.

Improved Browser Load Time

The new performance tweaks are going to speed up opening Chrome as well. The browser now loads 25% according to the Chromium blog where Waddell adds that it is a difference which you will be able to notice quite significantly.

Also, note that the updated Chrome will be speeding up page load time as well. It will be 7% faster now, but it won’t rely on the amount of RAM or power it used before.

Google added a nifty little feature in the updated Chrome called tab search. It functions exactly like the way it sounds. For Chrome users who always find themselves buried under a ton of different tabs at the same time, this is something that’s going help solve their woes big time.

The feature is currently making a debut exclusively on Chromebooks. However, worry not, Google will expand it to other desktop versions of Chrome soon enough.

Chrome Actions

This useful addition to Chrome browser comes in its address bar, which Google has called “a faster way to get things done with just a few keystrokes.”

For instance, if you need to edit your passwords, or delete history, you can simply type the same and take action from the address bar directly. You no longer need to go to settings and carry them out.


Last but not least, you will soon start noticing ‘cards’ when you open up a new tab in the newly updated Chrome browser, which alone accounts for two-third of the web browser market worldwide.

This feature will help you quickly get back to your recently visited content on the web and other related sites and save you a lot of time in the process. Google in the blog also mentioned that they are soon planning to add entertainment-focused cards in 2021.

All these features bundled together are what’s going to come your way if you are a Chrome user. The roll-out has already begun, so make sure to hit update in the settings menu of your desktop Chrome browser for experiencing these changes immediately.

Now, if the new Chrome can live up to all the claims Google has been making about its efficiency, only time will tell. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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