Facebook Presents the Whole New Nuance of Email System

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So finally, The new email ‘baby’ has been delivered with the equal ( or probably better) capabilities, habits and understanding of their superiors. Today morning Facebook has unveiled so called “Modern Messaging System” which incorporate IM, Text messaging, Chat & SMS in a united box. Although Facebook has denied any comparison of its new messaging system with email, undoubtedly it’s going to have significant impact on current email systems from hotmail, Gmail or yahoo.

As the current methodology of messages fall under SMS, Text, email and chat, all of them fail to work together due to complicated nature of keeping track of one’s communication, said by Mark Zuckerberg . The new messaging system from Facebook hyperthreads all of the correspondence between two parties – whether it be a user and another single user, or a user and an entire group of others. The idea is to have one history,” not multiple. “Individually, these messages aren’t particularly profound but in conversation, in context, they’re meaningful.” said by Andrew Bosworth – Director of Engineering.

The new messaging system will allow users to communicate with each other without going through the traditional method of using bcc, cc or even subject line. Users ‘Social Inbox’ will be categorized in three parts – “Messages” for most Important messages, “Other” for rest of messages and “Junk” for all spam messages which system will mark.


Company also emphasized on few facts & figures which justifies the need of most anticipated (but to evaluate before adoption) move. Here are few dazzling ones:

  • There are 350 million people actively using the messaging system on Facebook today.
  • More than 4 Billion messages are sent through the Facebook messaging system each day.
  • The vast majority of these messages are one-to-one messages between users,” not listserv style, feels Zuckerberg.
  • “This is the biggest engineering team Facebook has ever put together for a new product – 15 engineers,” says Bosworth.
  • “The team has been working on this for well more than a year now,” says Zuckerberg.  “15 months,” says Boz.
  • The growth of Facebook’s messaging service is “growing at a much faster rate” than Facebook’s user base, according to Zuckerberg.
  • “We’re giving people an @facebook.com email address,” says Bosworth. The address is entirely optional for users who wish to sign up.The initial system of launch is invite only to members of the press, and will be tested with user feedback over time to gauge how to expand.

Below are screenshots and information on new Messaging System that Facebook’s provided to the media.

“Project Titan”, as code named by company, is an outcome of frustration from high schoolers with whom Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook, used to interact. To provide them much seamless messaging system, Mark had initiated this project in February this year.

You can view the Video of “Facebook Innovation” below where Mark Zuckerberg with all his team unveiled the new messaging system early Today:

Apparently Facebook is not willing to stand openly in battle ground against other email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. That’s is why Zuckerberg had straightly denied any comparison between the new Messaging baby and any email system by his straight quote, “This is not an email”, at very beginning of the event. However, on real grounds the new Killer messaging system will hit only the other email system no matter what Facebook or Zuckerberg claims. The nature and functionally, as revealed by Facebook, is satisfying all the needs of online communication methodology which was driven by email system this date.


Zuckerberg may not be willing to stamp this as email but it’s going to be a start of new era of online messaging system for sure.

Video Credit: LiveStream

“Project Titan”, as code named by company, is an outcome of frustration from high schoolers with whom Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook, used to interact. To provide them much seamless messaging system, Mark had initiated this project in February this year.



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