You must use a VPN for your Apple TV to make the most of it

If you have Apple TV but not using a VPN, there are many hidden benefits that you are not enjoying unknowingly. Unfortunately, Apple TV does not officially support VPN applications on its tvOS 16 update.

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Apple just released tvOS 16 for Apple TV with many exciting new features and enhancements. Most users are hyped about seeing all their favourite TV shows making it to Apple TV. However, many users are raising concerns about the geo-locked contents and how you can only access shows only from a particular location. But thankfully, you can change all that using a premium VPN service.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of the Apple TV VPN and how to set it up on your Apple TV. 

Why Is a VPN Useful For Your Apple TV?

Installing a VPN on Apple TV has several benefits, including improved internet privacy, security, and freedom of accessing any content from around the world. Let’s look at each of these benefits in detail.

More privacy: The internet can be scary, and internet service providers or eagle-eyed hackers are always on the lookout for your personal data and browsing history, which can be exploited in many different ways. No one wants their personal information to be leaked on the internet, and a VPN protects that by creating a secured virtual network that even the internet company can not see. 

Security: Imagine you wake up with your TV turned on at the highest volume playing a scary movie. You will freak out for sure. A similar incident was experienced by a family in Mississippi when a man hacked into a home security camera in a bedroom and repeatedly yelled, “You are being watched.” No matter how much security Apple or other top company promises, devices in our home are prone to cyber-attacks. But using a VPN on your router can significantly improve security and protect Apple TV and other home devices from being hacked. 

Freedom: You should have the freedom to access contents you like no matter where you are in the world. Just because you are currently in the US should not mean losing access to British programs. Apple TV VPN gives you the freedom to access any content worldwide without any interruption. 

How to set up Apple TV VPN in tvOS 16 

Unfortunately, Apple TV does not officially support VPN applications on its tvOS 16 update. But there is a workaround, and you can equip your Apple TV with VPN services in just three steps.

Step 1: Confirm that your router is VPN-compatible. You may need to update the firmware first.

Step 2: On your router, install a VPN client.  

Step 3: Choose a server location and activate the VPN. Check your IP address on Google to make sure it’s working!

Apple’s take on VPN

Apple is well known in the industry for its strict privacy policies and closed operating systems that do not allow third-party applications to see your digital footprint without consent. So what does Apple have to say about VPNs? 

Apple’s platform security has a detailed article on all the supported protocols and how easy Apple makes it to set up a VPN with minimal effort. The accreditation from major companies like Apple truly shows the importance of VPNs. 


Although Apple TV VPN is not officially supported, it has several benefits and is recommended for all Apple TV users who take privacy seriously.  


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