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Facebook Wants Unlimited Access to Your Phone, And Paying For It!

facebook paying users for app
Already facing flak for tricking kids into spending money while playing games on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) by using their parents’ payment details, the social giant is in the midst of a new controversy. As per the recent report, Facebook has been secretly paying teenagers and unsuspecting adults to get unlimited access to their devices by installing an app cleverly guised...

Facebook VPN App Is Accused Of Stealing iOS Users’ Data By Apple

facebook vpn app
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has had to suffer another defeat amidst the privacy breach storm that it has been dealing with for some time now. Facebook VPN app, known as Onavo Protect, is recently withdrawn from the Apple iOS app store after severe privacy breach allegations from Apple.The Onavo Protect is a VPN app of the Israeli technology company...

It’s High Time to Protect Your Online Privacy With A VPN Service!

online privacy VPN service
Not many internet users would have been happy to know that the FCC privacy protection has been repealed by the U.S President, Donald Trump, last month in April. The cancellation of FCC will now enable internet service providers, commonly known as ISPs, to compete with Facebook and Google in the online advertising as they can collect, share, and sell...

The Hidden Cost of Welcoming VPN Apps into the Mainstream

VPN apps for cyber security
Just when we started to think of security, privacy, and freedom of expression as a bygone concept in the digital era, virtual private network (VPN) stepped out of the shadows to rekindle hope for a safer and open cyber experience. By offering a secure passage that penetrated through local and regional barriers set in its path, VPNs sure has been...

Apple iPhone and iPad Users Can Now Enjoy Secured And Unrestricted Internet Through Opera’s Free VPN App

Opera VPN app for iPhone and iPad
Opera Media continues to impress the billions of mobile internet users. This time with the recent launch of its unlimited mobile VPN (Virtual Private Network) app for iOS devices, the company is trying to woo nearly 1.1 billion active iOS users worldwide, and to make Apple users fall for it, Opera has made it totally free. Apart from protecting the...

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