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Apple Set To Revolutionise the Future of the Entertainment

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported revenue of up to $48 billion in the second fiscal quarter this year and is poised to expand its reach into the entertainment industry. The company is rapidly introducing new updates across its multiple entertainment products from Apple Music to Apple News. Why the push for more ways to consume entertainment? Billboard.com speculated that Apple’s...

iWatch And Apple TV Could Pull Apple Inc. Stock Down

Apple Inc. is currently struggling to stop declining of its stock value. Today, the company's stock value reached to $431.72, which seems worthless compare to Google’s $831.52 stock value. Of course, Apple Inc. has still extremely wise and talented engineers, having large ideas, but they are unable to find out the praise publicly, outside the company. Anyway, now-a-days, there...

Apple Inc To Launch Apple TV In India Next Week With A Price Tag Of Rs 6,600/-

World’s ‘Most Admired Company’ Apple Inc is going to launch Apple TV in India next week. Various version of much appreciated device would be available in India between the price ranges of Rs. 6,600 to 7,900/-.This is the quickest launch ever of Apple Inc products for Indian market. Previously, it used to take quite some time for Apple to...

Smartphone Was The Most Preferred Electronic Gadget In Last Holiday Season

Smartphone was the most attention-grabbing gadget among all electronics consumers products in the last holiday season. It's well known that the Christmas holiday is the season of gift exchange, and Smartphone was considered as the most preferred present among users. That’s why, Smartphone sale dominated over all electronics gadget in selling. The market research firm—NPD—estimated that the total revenue...

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