Global Fintech Market 2022 – 2028: $16.65 Trillion Opportunity For Startups

The growth of the global fintech market in 2022 will be led by the rise in digital banking and a growing interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain. In the last 3 years, the increased number of investment deals in fintech sectors has attracted the eyeballs of many, but can startups make the most of the $16.56 trillion opportunity by 2028?

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Today, FinTech has become incredibly significant and one of the fast-growing segments in the world. 2021 was full of transformations in this niche and will continue to evolve to provide the best possible service to its customers. The global fintech market is estimated to be $6.5 trillion in 2021 and is estimated to clock 13.9% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2022 and 2028 to reach a $16.65 trillion market by 2028.

The exploded adoption of the internet and smartphone drove the growth of the global fintech market which is being led by the increasing usage of digital banking and a growing interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain.

While the growth of fintech market is being noticed equally in all developed and developing markets, fintech companies in North America will enjoy the maximum number of lucrative opportunities.

The implementation of FinTech application development services can be seen in many large and impressive financial areas: credit institutions, venture capital funds, banks, blockchain, digital wallets, and a wide variety of payment systems. So let’s take a deeper look at possible fintech app ideas for startups and find out what trends are observed for 2022.

Digital Banking Solutions

The first thing that comes to mind to any person is mobile banking. Meanwhile, banks are more and more shifting their focus to digitalization, more than any other company in fintech today. According to statistics, about 70% of smartphone users are currently using digital banking. In addition to the fact that now you can do absolutely any financial manipulation with just one application, the automation of financial transactions has become available to users, which has become one of the biggest advantages of digital banking today. Undoubtedly, digital banking will play a crucial role in the growth of global fintech market in the coming years.


One of the best ideas for a FinTech application development project is a cryptocurrency exchange. The number of crypto traders on the market today has increased tenfold. Therefore, in 2022, it is possible and necessary to focus on cryptocurrency exchanges which is expected to push the growth of the global fintech market to double-digit.

With bitcoin taking center stage in the industry, cryptocurrency exchanges are proliferating and allowing users to freely buy and sell cryptocurrencies, transact and trend, send via P2P methods, and more.

P2P Lending Apps

P2P lending is peer-to-peer lending through which individuals and businesses lend and borrow money from each other. Based on the data obtained through event registration, reliable borrowers can be identified and offered better interest rates. Similarly, you can identify the most active creditors and offer them lower rates.

Electronic Wallets

The convenience that comes with an e-wallet has become clear over the past decade, as instead of carrying money around, people can deposit money into e-wallets and pay anywhere, anytime. This technical achievement has long become an understandable and familiar tool even for older people, who, as we know, usually have a hard time adapting to innovative tools. Therefore, the target audience of potential legal entities in need of a service for the development of such applications is unlimited. Every ecommerce store now integrates electronic wallets and payment systems into its portal first of all. And let’s not forget the biggest e-wallet Paypal, which is available online for transferring money directly to the buyer. 

Personal Finance Apps

Personal finance apps have gained incredible popularity as the world is becoming more digital, so there is increased growth of such apps in the FinTech market. Almost every FinTech software company creates personal financial applications that allow users to better manage their finances, namely: track their spending over various periods and also “befriend” other users (like your friends) to manage joint spending say, in a bar or on a trip; you can also track income, classify income and expenses, link bank accounts, and create a budget.


The global fintech market will continue to have a huge opportunity to develop financial inclusion and have an impact on consumers’ daily lives. With the growing demand for FinTech products, the number of startups is growing as well. We hope you’ve found the most inspiring idea for your potential startup in FinTech as the above-mentioned ideas will most likely boost in 2022. 


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