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The Average Salary Offered By Startups In India Is Surprisingly Lucrative

average salary at startups india
The average salary at startups in India could make many professionals, working in tech behemoths like Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, feel jealous.The fresh and robust startup ecology is not just pulling funds from mighty investors but also hiring expensive-talent across various divisions to rudder over the budding company's important goals and plans. The startup companies who took the dominant lead on the...

Top Startups In India That Represent The Thriving Startup Landscape [REPORT]

top startups in India
The Indian Start-up surface is as hot as the sun and it continues to thrive! This has been a matter of telltale by the flagship post, LinkedIn Top Startups in India list based on a series of actions taken by more than fifty million LinkedIn (NASDAQ: LNKD) users in India.Hospitality start-up, OYO, health and wellness start-up Cure. Fit, and the local food delivery...

With 6 Graduating Startups Axis Bank Thought Factory is Evolving As Fin-tech Hub of Start-ups In India

Thought Factory
Exactly a year back, in June 2016, when Axis Bank decided to disrupt the fin-tech start-up ecosystem of India through its first incubation centre, little did we know how the efforts would pay off. Last week when the Thought Factory by Axis Bank presented its first-year performance report card, it became instantly apparent that Thought Factory has marked its presence in...

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Is Making 90% Of Indian Startups Fail Within The First 5 Years: IBM

why startups in India fail
A recently released study by IBM revealed some pretty damning facts about the Indian startup scene - only 1 in 10 startups manage to survive for more than five years. IBM's study, titled "Entrepreneurial India" is based on interviews with over 1,300 Indian executives including startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, government leaders, heads of established companies and educational institutions.Interestingly, the...

Every Startup Founder Must Focus On These 3 Key Areas That Guarantee Success

Startup success stories
Startup success stories have become as common as bedtime stories in 2017. However, these success stories are mostly written by the ones that succeed, very few people get a glimpse of the darker side that harbours broken dreams and failed endeavours. Don’t worry, this is not going to be another depressing story about how you should embrace security and...

How Cloud Solutions Make Lean Startups Even More Possible

cloud solutions for lean startups
Whether you’re ready for a change or not, cloud computing is changing the face of IT. Cloud computing, a method of delivering computing as a service, has shaped the way we run businesses today and made it easier to run lean operations. Long gone are the days of convoluted IT infrastructural processes and lengthy deployments.For entrepreneurs who want to...

Startups May Rain Leaders of the Future

A drought does not surface overnight; amidst this sizzling heat, even the leadership pipelines have gone dry. Reminds us also of a drought in leadership indeed. India has been the world’s back office for over two decades now. This created loads of delivery managers who were more inclined to delivering what was told to them than anything else; consequently,...

OYO Rooms Hits Back On Being Called A Ponzi Startup, The Founder Feels Insulted !

oyo room ritesh agarwal ponzi scheme
OYO Rooms, Ponzi Scheme and Startup, the debate is far from over. In a response to the controversial statistical analysis that has gone viral on the internet since Friday, claiming OYO Rooms is nothing but a Ponzi startup, Ritesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO of OYO Rooms, wrote an email to all its employees and also published it on OYO Rooms...

Lessons To Learn: Startup Raised $1.4 Million For Makeover of Bible

Holy books have always been standard, religious books containing sacred texts of various religions. It is possible that one has never found a holy book undergoing the makeover. But, for a certain 29-year old, the holy book of Bible requires a contemporary transformation.Adam Lewis Greene, a book designer from California, has raised, more than $1.4 million from 14,884 backers...

The Global Crowdfunding Industry Raised $34.4 Billion In 2015, And Could Surpass VC In 2016

crowdfunding industry
There is a new ‘buzz’ going around in the investment game—crowdfunding investment. Though crowdfunding is a relatively new investment practice, existing businesses, individual, and startups are increasingly looking to raise funds through this method. Let’s examine some facts and figures to understand the crowdfunding sector has progressed over the years: Juniper suggests that the crowdfunding industry has seen an...

5 Of The Most Amazing Bits Of Car Tech Created By Startups

With cars becoming more technically advanced, it’s not just the standard professions that are called on to work on our vehicles. Electronics and related technology are a huge automotive development area, and some companies operating in other arenas - such as consumer electronics - are entering automotive development.Similarly, specialist startups are focusing on specifics of car tech and are...

Coworking Spaces In India Are Thriving Like Startup Garages In the US

A lot happens over a cup of coffee. From a date to wooing angels and VC to invest into start up ideas happen just over a couple of coffee meets, thanks to the mushrooming coffee shops. But there comes a stage where your idea becomes bigger and coffee shops aren’t sufficient anymore. Every penny saved is a penny earned...

Balance Your Startup: Determining Your Client Capacity

One of the hardest things to manage in a startup business is client load. In other words, if you have too many clients, you can’t provide consistent and reliable service - you’ve oversold yourself. If you have too few, you can’t pay the bills. Here’s how to calculate your ideal customer load and how to scale your startup safely.How...

VC Funding In India Q1 2015: $1.35 Billion Invested Via 69 Tech Deals

VC Funding in India during Q1 2015 had reached new heights as the number of Tech investment deals surpassed China, first time ever. However, investors decided to play safe and investment amount was down by 28.5% compared to the earlier quarter. During the three-month period, ended March 30, 2015, the VC investment in Tech startups in India totaled $1.36...

Are Startups Across The World Moving Into Bubble Valuations ?

It is hard not to be baffled by the breath – taking investments happening in startups across the world. The amount of money raised by startups, that are barely a few years old, is surpassing even the revenues of most of the traditional industries.In the year 2000, a similar bubble was being built up. Anyone owning a website with...

Why And How Do Big Corporates Benefit From Working With Startups !

Big corporate are seen investing in startups in many areas lately. In fact, many platforms help innovative startups and Angel investors to connect in their local ecosystems, and that paves a way to create investable companies that VC firms can start funding and help to create viable businesses. But there is a gap in the size of deals yet...

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