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New $75 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud In India Rattles The Startup World

cryptocurrency fraud in india
The hype of cryptocurrency in India has started showing its side effects. One after another the so-called role models of crypto-preneurs are getting exposed as they are accused of running their cryptocurrency based startups like a Ponzi scheme.As per reports by Hindustan Times, another big-shot in cryptocurrency, Amit Lakhanpal has been on the loose, after Mumbai police accused him of masterminding...

Finney: The First Blockchain Smartphone Can Trigger Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

first blockchain smartphone
A Blockchain smartphone is not just a gimmick anymore as Sirin Labs has made it official and released the specification of Finney - the long-awaited and revolutionary smartphone. The world's first blockchain smartphone, Finney - named after bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, is due to hit the shelves at some point this year.Last year, Sirin labs raised $157.8 million during a...

Blockchain Phone: Do We Need One?

blockchain phone
The concept for Blockchain phones was first presented in 2017. Cryptocurrencies are wildly popular with investors, but are also causing some deep contemplation in the more conservative enclaves of the financial world. Blockchains, the technology which facilitates cryptocurrencies holds a great deal of promise for everything from financial markets to the secure payment of government welfare programs. When evangelists...

Cryptocurrency Crimes In India On A Surge Amid Growing Lust For Returns

cryptocurrency crimes in india
Bitcoin, the most popular among all the cryptocurrencies in the world, has attracted thousands of investors in India. But it appears that investments and frauds in cryptocurrency in India are moving in sync as fraudulent activities related to Bitcoin are not stopping any time soon, and this time the real culprits happened to be policemen.In the latest incident, that...

Google’s Latest Move May Prove Fatal For The Industry Worth $1 Trillion?

Google bans cryptocurrency ads
Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies are making headlines in the mainstream media as they continue to make uncontrolled swings in the digital currency market. Cryptocurrency, based on the stellar technology of Blockchain, is a disrupting force. Today the internet is flooded with ads and websites which are offering cryptocurrency trading advice and crypto market insights. A number of third-party...

Cryptocurrency Daily Trade Value is Exceeding $2 Billion in 2017 [REPORT]

cryptocurrency trade value
The world is heading towards a complete digital era when almost everything could be traded or communicated online. The biggest impact of the digitisation could be seen in today's currency as the world is slowly but steadily embracing cryptocurrency. No wonder, the total value of cryptocurrency transactions is estimated to surpass $1 trillion in 2017. Growth In Cryptocurrency Trade Value According...

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