Techies Paid Handsome Amount To father-Son Due To Hack Exams For Better Career Prospects

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“Never let the big crisis go waste,” Winston Churchill said once.

Looks like fraudsters have paid ears to Churchill’s words and left no stone unturned to make the most of the Covid crisis.

In the work-from-home era when everything has moved on the internet, the authenticity process has become a challenge, and competitive exams are not spared from it.

The police have arrested three people in connection with the money-for-marks scheme, another cybercrime reported by The Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit of Delhi. Only this time there isn’t a big racket behind it. The crime was committed by a father-son duo named Rajesh Kumar Shah and Deep Shah, two ordinary civilians who run an IT coaching institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with the help of a Delhi-based technical expert, Aklakh Alam, who was hired by the duo. 

The duo and the techie were busted by the police and were accused of taking online IT certification exams on behalf of students and professionals for around Rs 9,000-10,000. The Delhi-based techie was the one allegedly hired for taking exams on the behalf of the clients. A police officer said that the expert has given exams for about 200 clients. 

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) K.P.S. Malhotra said that they received intel according to which hackers claimed they can get the desired score by hacking into the device used by the examiner. He also mentioned that the trio that was arrested specialised in cracking a diverse variety of online tech certification exams and helping students/professionals/IT aspirants aiming to boost their career prospects in IT companies. 

A police source said that “They have been running this scam since the Covid-19 outbreak, as all examinations shifted to an online mode. The latest intel we received was [about the] Pearson IT certification.” 

Several reputed organisations provide various international certificates that are prerequisites to upgrade technical skills. For instance, Cisco, CompTIA, EC-Council. This plays an important role from the selection process to the pay grade of a candidate in the global IT companies like Microsoft, Google, etc. And this is where these hackers are putting the career of the aspirants and the company both in jeopardy by taking exams for the candidates, changing their scores, and not giving companies the worthy candidate they deserve.

It also impacts the career of deserving candidates and serves injustice to those candidates who actually kept themselves on their toes for the examination. 

The incident has once again exposed the system and process in the internet and smartphone era. A lot of processes and systems in place are not designed to deal with such an unprecedented situation and cybercriminals are making most of it but rigging the process of hacking into the system.

There’s no shred of doubt that COVID has changed our lives in all possible meanings, but the ones that have been affected the most by covid are students. Their whole life has turned upside down in just the blink of an eye, the meaning of going to school has changed with the online classes, the pressure of giving exams has changed to online open book texts. All of it has led to new challenges for authorities to deal with. Cybercriminals, scammers, hackers are hyperactive which is resulting in an increased number of crimes. 


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