Apple iPhone 13 Will Come With The Most Demanded Feature, Finally!

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What is your most important expectations from Apple iPhone 13 which is scheduled for launch next month? A better camera combination? A faster processor or A smaller design?


The number of hours that your iPhone can last without charging is what most iPhone owners are looking for in iPhone 13.

And, trust us when we say that the iPhone 13 may deliver in a big way!

Apple iPhone 13 Feature: Big Picture

  • Rumours have been making rounds for some time that Apple is gearing up for the launch of iPhone 13 which will be thicker than the current model.
  • Isn’t iPhone 12 Pro series models heavy enough to hold?
  • Lots of reasons have been speculated as to why Apple iPhone 13 could be even more heavier, and one of which is that it is because Apple is planning to add reverse charging to the lineup. A feature that seems stupid considering that iPhone owners are already not much happy with the battery performance and are forced to carry iPhone charger with them to get itself charged.
  • The real reason, however, is something that will give a big sign of relief to most of iPhone users.
  • Rumours circulating suggest that Apple will increase the battery capacity and possibly raise it quite significantly.
  • According to the numbers Adrian, a writer of ZDnet, have seen, Apple will launch the next iPhone 13 Pro Max with a battery capacity of 4352mAh, up from 3687mAh in current iPhone 12 Pro Max. At the same time, battery in the regular and Pro models of iPhone 12 go from 2815mAh to 3095mAh. Even the next iPhone Mini gets in on the action with a range of 2227mAh and 2406mAh. It also signals that, contrary to belief, Apple is not discontinuing iPhone Mini – at least not this year.
  • This is in addition to rumors that the A15 processor could reduce power consumption by around 15-20 percent.
  • The above combination, once put under the hood, will provide a longer battery life to all iPhone 13 users.
  • The iPhone 12’s performance, camera, screen, and performance are all excellent. A better battery life would make the successor of iPhone 12 a compelling choice for both upgraders as well as those who switch to it from Android.

Food For Thought

iPhone 12 Series has been the most successful iPhone model for Apple. The series accounts for 20% of total active iPhone devices out there in the market. However, the model has helped Apple to post the record revenue in Q2 2021, and cemented Apple’s dominants position in the global smartphone market.

Will iPhone 12 with bigger battery and better camera make people fall for it, irrespective of Apple’s exorbitant pricing strategy? Only time will tell!


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