Twitter Super Follows: Pay For Super Set Of Premium Features!

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Twitter Super Follows could be a game changer for both Twitter and its users.

With creators on the rise, many are looking forward to platforms that can boost and show off their skills and portfolios online. Twitter is arguably one of the largest and most influential social media sites today. But, with its fast-growing user base now scoring at 330 million users, Twitter has been finding ways to bring the application to being more than it provides. Now, Twitter is anticipating the launch of its latest feature “Super Follows”, which could allow personalities and creators to bring their best work to the platform, but at a price.

Experts believe that careful implementation and strict policies to make Twitter Super Follows a success is equally important to unleash its real potential.


Twitter Super Follows: Charge From Followers

Super Follows, a subscription feature, will allow Twitter users to charge their followers for access to more content, bonuses and access to a community group, a newsletter membership, or a badge demonstrating your support are all possibilities. In a mockup illustration, Twitter depicted a scenario in which a user pays $4.99 a month in exchange for a set of benefits.

According to Twitter, it’s seen as a means for creators and publishers to get compensated directly by their followers. 

The Super follows feature comes with several regulations about who can use the feature; app researcher Jame Manchun Wong has issued a tweet of the following requirements.

The user/creator must have:

  • At least 10,000 followers
  • A user must have posted 25 tweets in the past 30 days
  • Be at least 18 years of age

After super following a creator, a user receives the following perks:

  • Labels
  • Bonus content
  • More to come

Building categories

The feature ensures a wide range of creators meets their target user base without hassle. Hence, ranging from art categories, finance categories, and science/tech-based categories. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook are endorsed in the feature as well.

The feature also includes the ‘adult content’ category and an ‘Only Fans’ platform. This might create a flexible regulation on the past users who were banned for putting up adult content on the forum 

Creating a community

During the investors meet early this year, Twitter also introduced another interesting feature, Twitter Communities. While many dub the feature to be like reddit, this feature tends to shape communication a lot easier with lesser pressure from Twitter’s arduous policies. Moreover, anyone could be a part of it with the community feature and vocalize their opinions.

The Twitter Communities comes bundled with the Super follows, and the users who subscribe could avail themselves of the chance to be part of a special Twitter spaces conversation.

Bringing more to the plate

It has been a boisterous year for Twitter, bringing various new features and changes to existing ones. In addition, Twitter has been testing its ‘Twitter blue subscription‘ feature across North America ad Oceania. While there have been many applications, Twitter has built a solid system that verifies the applicant strictly. Furthermore, according to the firm, subscribers to Twitter Blue will also access “specialized subscription customer assistance”


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