Top Softwares for Business in 2021 That Every Startup Entrepreneur Must Use

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In the conditions of the global pandemic and economic crisis, small and medium-sized businesses face different problems and do their best to survive in the new reality.

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has forced many people to change their buying and living style. Consequently, businesses across the world are also going through an unprecedented tough time. The purchasing capacity of their target audience has decreased; most internal business processes have been moved to the online space; the staff effectiveness has been negatively affected.

In such a scenario, to help businesses shine and move them to a new level, entrepreneurs should employ the best services and solutions aimed at business management and sales increase.

Solutions that not only optimise lead generation cost or reduce the management overheads but also that accelerate customer accelerations and that too in a most economical way.

Arm Yourself With Top Business Softwares 2021

Let’s look into some of the most effective online software solutions that every entrepreneur can use in your online project.

#1 – Trello

It is one of the most popular services for managing small group projects. The entire interface of the solution is built on the basis of Kanban boards, which is just perfect for web projects. Trello’s structure also consists of boards, which are divided into lists with cards. Each board can be dedicated to a specific department or workflow (marketing, management, etc.), which makes it easy to control the task flow and delivery.

#2 – XMind

It is a program for drawing up mental maps, project structures, and diagrams. The software solution is free of charge and often used to create a company structure, which is crucial for knowledge sharing, task management, and time planning. You can add relationships between different elements, markers, labels, and text marks to link relevant items altogether.

#3 – TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an effective program for gaining remote access to another computer. It can be used for exchanging files between control and controlled machines, organizing video communication, and web conferencing. The software solution is compatible with both Windows and Mac and doesn’t require any special skills from a user. With TeamViewer, you can connect to an employee’s computer and install the required program or do other actions required just as if you were sitting in front of the target machine.

#4 – Zoom

If you are looking for software for business calls, then you should definitely consider Zoom. It is a perfect match program for arranging and running online conferences, meetings, chats, and mobile collaboration.

#5 – Google Drive

The Google Drive solution comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other services – all aimed at helping you arrange a convenient work with documents online. You can share all work files, presentations, and spreadsheets with the possibility of making edits for the whole team.

#6 – Calendly

This is a convenient service for planning online meetings. To make use of it, you just need to send a link to your teammate, and he will book the available time in your calendar. An entry and timeline for the specific appointment will automatically appear on your calendar. If you need to arrange a Zoom meeting, the Calendly service automatically creates a link for a future conference or event.

#7 – Canva

Canva is famous for its solid pack of instruments for creating graphics. These are templates for social media posts, presentations, banners, flyers, and much more. The service can be distinguished by a convenient and simple interface, a large collection of templates, and the absence of a fee.

#8 – Miro

Miro is a great online collaboration platform for teamwork to bring your teammates together. So if you need to discuss the project, align on the implementation pipeline, or share updates on some tasks, then you can use a whiteboard for this purpose.

#9 – SimilarWeb

You will hardly make your business fly without knowing about how your competitors are doing and what strategies they stick to. Use SimilarWeb to know your rival’s site traffic, KW core, interlinking strategy, and many more. You can then use these insights to develop an effective strategy for your project.

#10 – Crowdicity

This service can help you collect ideas for business development and implement the best ones. It is quite easy to work with Crowdicity: you describe a problem in Crowdicity (for example, how to improve customer service) and invite your employees to the discussion. It is possible to add files to better convey the idea, discuss the proposals of others, and vote on ideas. There are also some ratings and awards provided to motivate employees. The app is suitable for everyone who wants to develop and improve their business. 

#11 – Slack

It is critically important to organize online communication in an easy and effective way, especially if your team is forced to work remotely. And Slack copes with the task perfectly well. This program allows exchanging not only messages but also documents and any media assets. Any received piece of content can be viewed right there in the chat window without the need to check any other program. There is integration with GoogleDrive and Trello, which makes Slack a good solution for any projects. 

#12 – SaneBox

SaneBox is a service for the automatic processing of emails. The program helps sort emails and clear inboxes in a matter of seconds. Artificial intelligence identifies important messages based on the analysis of your email history (which emails you open, who you reply to, how quickly) and works just anywhere. After smart scanning performed by SaneBox, only important letters remain in your inbox; the rest are automatically moved to the SaneLater folder. The solution is suitable for anyone who wants to optimize their business routine and to look to clean up their inbox.

#13 – Yanado

It is a smart service that manages tasks right in your Gmail. What can Yanado do?

  • Convert emails into tasks;
  • Remind you about deadlines;
  • Delegate tasks;
  • Arrange tags for quick search.

Instead of jumping from one assignment to another, focus on the most important and urgent tasks. The solution will suit everyone who is used to working in Gmail and does not want to deal with any other applications.

#14 – Movavi

Movavi Suite is all-in-one multimedia software for any video-related task. The solution allows not only for basic video edits but also for more complex manipulations. With the help of the program, you can make colour adjustments, crop and rotate a video picture, add an overlay, split videos, work with titles, and many more. There is a free version of multimedia software for video editing that you can use for seven days without paying a dime.

#15 – Swipe

The service allows you to quickly create and distribute interactive online presentations. Thanks to presentations made with the Swipe solution, you can establish a simple and straightforward two-way communication through real-time test polls. The presentations uploaded to the portal can be integrated into corporate blogs or various Internet resources; you can even publish them on social networks. The program is suitable for anyone who wants to share their ideas.

Final Thoughts

The above top business software solutions are a real superpower for entrepreneurs and professionals in their field. These programs can help organize productive work from anywhere and in any condition. All you need is a computer (or smartphone) and a stable Internet connection.


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