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Employing Better Accounting Practices Must be The Top Priority For Entrepreneurs

Startup success stories
According to recent estimates, there are currently more than 1.2 million accountants in the United States alone. This represents one of the largest professions in the business world. While accounting is just one component of running a business, many business owners consider it to be the most important.With the right set of accounting practices, entrepreneurs can make important decisions...

Ola Cabs Banned: No More Ola Cabs On Roads In Karnataka [UPDATED]

Ola Cabs Banned
First thing first; Ola Cabs banned in Karnataka for six months.The eight-year-old cab aggregator startup is banned from operating in the Karnataka. According to the latest directive by the Transport Department of Karnataka, the license of ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd, a legal entity behind Ola Cabs, has been revoked for a duration of six months due to the violation...

Why Choosing The Best E-Commerce Platform Is Essential For Startup Success

reliance ecommerce
Whether you are building a brand new eCommerce site or you are looking to do some major overhauls on your existing one, creating a site that both meets your needs and the needs of your customers is of the utmost importance. Some businesses get too caught up in the product itself, but without the 'Best eCommerce Platform' to showcase...

With Free Delivery and Zero Surge Pricing, What’s Swiggy Upto?

Swiggy Super
Be it fancy, hearty meals delivered at door-step or being the savior of late-night food cravings - Swiggy has got our back ! However, it won't stop there, as Swiggy holds fast to its position - $210 Million Entrant in the Unicorn Club! Reportedly, Swiggy has switched on a subscription-driven playbook to scale the food technology market. The Bengaluru-based food delivery startup...

SMEs And Startups In UK Should Wise Up When It Comes To Tax Avoidance

tax for startups in UK
At the end of last year, small businesses received a bit of a wake-up call from HMRC. Specifically, it was reported that HMRC collected an additional £474million in corporate tax as a result of investigations into SMEs during the 2016/17 tax year.This represented a 5% YoY increase and was seen by many as a warning that the tax man...

Golden Lessons For Startups From Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos!

lessons for startups
In light of the recent version released by Inc., we have two eminent tech visionaries who are both trying to change the world and it's standard. Two communiqués were published last week - one by Elon Musk, the CEO of TESLA, the electric-automobile manufacturer and the other one by Jeff Bezos, the Founder and CEO of Amazon. The Retail Pioneer The man who has...

Three Marketing Tactics Every Budding Entrepreneur Must Employ

marketing tactics for entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur, the art of marketing is at the forefront of your strategy. To grow, you need to employ thorough marketing tactics towards the right consumers. And in today’s business world, there’s a wealth of information at your fingertips. Visit your local bookstore, and there are likely shelves upon shelves of marketing advice. A simple search online will...

How To Ensure Your Lean Startup Succeed, Data Says 60% Startups Fail

lean startup success
Conventional wisdom dictates that 90 percent of lean startups will fail. Although the number is a good bit less than that (it seems to be somewhere around 60 percent), many just starting out in their business like to get as much information as possible about what they can do to make sure that they are equipped for success. There...

Why Very Few Entrepreneurs Succeed (And Why Majority Fail)

successful entrepreneurs
An entrepreneur is defined as an individual who starts a business and is willing to take risks to make money. The success of an entrepreneur is generally determined by the ability to do this effectively, which is quite a feat, considering that the vast majority of startups fail. In addition to financial rewards such as income, revenue and profit,...

Startup Founders Must Create a Strong Safety Environment for Employees And Himself

As you’ll doubtless be aware, the law in any developed or developing countries requires that you ensure the safety and well-being of all your employees (and contractors) while they’re performing tasks for you. Whether that means providing personal protective equipment (PPE) or training workers in the correct manner in which to work at heights, you’ll be following guidance (set...

Three Must Have Financial Tools To Get Your Start Up Off The Ground

financial tools
When you’re a startup, you have a lot on your plate. You need to impress all the right people, display a strong work ethic and begin to build yourself a decent reputation as quickly as possible. That’s a tall order – and one that causes more than half of new businesses to last less the length of a presidential...

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Doing e-Commerce During The Drying Up Funding Scenario

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing fields of online business. The US Department of Commerce announced in a recently published report that the e-Commerce sales in 2016 totalled about $394.9 billion, which is a 15.1% increase in comparison with 2015. If about 320 million people living in the USA managed to spend so much money online, it’s clear...

Startup Is A War: Six Military Strategies That Guarantee Success !

"Art of War", written by a Chinese master strategist, Sun Tzu, over 2,500 years ago, lays out an effective strategic philosophy that has proven itself over millennia and still, holds true for all kinds of endeavours. This time proof guide is one of the most revered books on strategy and a hot favourite for the entrepreneurs around the world.More than...

The Most Expensive Cities Worldwide To Set Up A Startup Office [REPORT]

most expensive cities for startups
In this era of Internet and Smartphone, youngsters aren't afraid to ditch the traditional job offers. Startups seem to entice them more! For most of them, it’s always a bumpy ride and the biggest hurdle to overcome is office space. Startup founders always prefer to set up their offices that are easy to locate, commute and create positive vibes....

Creating a Value Proposition That Communicates Your Startup Effectively

startup value proposition
Value propositions are things that exist unto themselves. When you have a business or offer a service, there should be some central thing that you offer to your customers and your shareholders. Value propositions also have another side. They’re mission statements crafted by your team, to communicate your value to the world. Some people like to think of three...

Why Should SMBs Engage Funding Partners Who Will Help Them Grow !

alternative investment
In some ways, these are the best of times for small businesses. The economy in the most of the developed countries, i.e., U.S and China, as well as developing countries, likes of India, has proved to be resilient in the face of uncertainty in Asia and Europe. This economic growth has encouraged millions of entrepreneurs to try their hand...

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