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Employing Better Accounting Practices Must be The Top Priority For Entrepreneurs

Startup success stories
According to recent estimates, there are currently more than 1.2 million accountants in the United States alone. This represents one of the largest professions in the business world. While accounting is just one component of running a business, many business owners consider it to be the most important.With the right set of accounting practices, entrepreneurs can make important decisions...

Happy Birthday David Rosen: The Man Who Made Our Childhood Fun-Filled

David Rosen
Americans are gifted with entrepreneur's brains! David Rosen, a former soldier stationed in Japan saw the increasing market potential and started various ventures from instant photography to exporting the arts. Fore-sighting the ever-increasing demand for amusement products, he co-founded the video game company SEGA in 1965, whose products proved to be the milestones for the gaming industry. In 1996, David Rosen...

Happy Birthday James Watt: The Forefather Of Industrial Revolution

James Watt
A scientist, an inventor and a visionary, James Watt never lost hope in his ventures in spite of hostile financial, time and design constraints. His fascination with the steam proved to be the building blocks of modern industries and transport. He coined the idea of housing a separate condenser connected with the engine that saved the precious Latent heat...

Happy B’Day Sir Richard Branson: Amazing Facts About the Venturesome Virgin King !

sir richard branson
Before we hit straight to the amazing facts about Richard Branson, you are here for, it's important to talk about a bit of the person who is the role model of many entrepreneurs who are half of his age. If there was a title called "The Most Interesting Man in the World", Richard Branson, the founder and chairman of the...

Three Marketing Tactics Every Budding Entrepreneur Must Employ

marketing tactics for entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur, the art of marketing is at the forefront of your strategy. To grow, you need to employ thorough marketing tactics towards the right consumers. And in today’s business world, there’s a wealth of information at your fingertips. Visit your local bookstore, and there are likely shelves upon shelves of marketing advice. A simple search online will...

Every Startup Founder Must Focus On These 3 Key Areas That Guarantee Success

Startup success stories
Startup success stories have become as common as bedtime stories in 2017. However, these success stories are mostly written by the ones that succeed, very few people get a glimpse of the darker side that harbours broken dreams and failed endeavours. Don’t worry, this is not going to be another depressing story about how you should embrace security and...

Happy Birthday Alfred Carl Fuller: The Man who Evolved The Brush Industry

Alfred Carl Fuller
I was fired from my first three jobs, after which I went into business for myself. I guess it's quite evident why I became self-employed, I had no choice. Make it work, Make it last and guarantee it, were the three basic rules set up by Alfred Carl Fuller when he founded the Fuller Brush Company in 1906. Started with...

Happy Birthday Jeff Bezos: The Ferocious Founder Of Amazing Amazon.com

Jeff Bezos
I knew that if I failed I wouldn't regret that, but I knew that one thing I might regret is not trying One needs a better motivation and an even better idea before leaving his job, but one needs an undying passion for quitting his job. Jeff Bezos had left his job as the youngest Senior Vice President at the...

Happy B’day Katharine Blodgett: The Lady Edison And Inventor of Invisible Glass

Katharine Burr Blodgett
The 19th century was considered as a men’s century; women were considered as only housewives and were not provided with proper education. The famous entrepreneurs, industrialists, scientists and research practitioners of the 19s were mostly men.There were some lucky women who defied this fact include; Margaret Knight called the ‘Lady Edison’ inventor of the shoe manufacturing machine, Melitta Bentz...

Happy Birthday J.R.D Tata: The Father Of Indian Aviation

On this day, July 29, 1904, the enterprising legend was born who started working at TATA (his uncle Jamsetji Tata's firm) as an unpaid intern only to grow into the founder of the prestigious Tata Group. Being a French citizen by birth, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, the man behind the mammoth Tata Empire, embraced Indian citizenship to expand an industrial group of...

“Google For Entrepreneurs”: An Effort To Lure Half-A-Billion Entrepreneurs Across The Globe

Google is apparently trying to set the force to push developers towards Google products periodically. To make the effort worthy, company has launched “Google For Entrepreneur” microsite that bridges the gap between Google partnership programs, Google startup initiatives, Google’s resources and Google’s events especially designed for startup and Entrepreneur community across the globe.Backing Google’s efforts, Mary Grove – Head...

Can Meena Build Another Google for India ?

Meena wants to become a computer engineer. She believes that if she works hard enough, she can build her own “big business”—maybe a Google. So she is determined to complete her schooling and earn an engineering degree. Young girls like Meena, just 16 years old but with the ambition and confidence to enter the tech world, are a rare commodity even in Silicon Valley

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